Top 5 Cyber Gifts For The Executive

Top 5 Cyber Gifts For The Executive N2K

Top 5 Cyber Gifts for the Executive

It’s that time of year when, naughty or nice, you need to buy gifts for all of those executives on your team or on your shopping list. Knowing that cyber risk is an enterprise risk and that cybersecurity starts with an organization’s leadership, here are our top 5 cyber gifts for the executive.


1. LastPass Password Manager

Last Pass.png

Let’s start with the obvious. Executives can no longer keep a Post-it note on your computer screen, in your top drawer, or in a notebook with a list of their hand-written passwords. An equally egregious sin is to have one password for everything. So what’s a great gift for the executive(s) in your life who still stick with Post-it notes?  Give the gift of LastPass (or any reputable password manager including Keeper, Dashlane, Roboform, or several others).  A password manager is a place you can generate and store complex and unique passwords…and most now offer the additional convenience of syncing them, changing web passwords with a click, and logging into sites.  In the case of LastPass, you can buy it for your enterprise or for individuals, but it takes away that easy barrier for hackers. You’ll need to remember one master password and LastPass takes care of the rest.  

2. 3M Privacy Screen


Physical privacy is another must do. Imagine you and a couple of your fellow execs are on a plane and you sign into your computer, you check out a Facebook account, or even click on some “Favorites” on your browser (avoid sensitive functions in-flight given airplanes’ poor wireless security).  An observant bad actor can peep lots of personal information about you and file it away for future use.  Why take the chance?  Pick up 3M privacy screens for your whole team.


3. NordVPN Personal VPN


Public WiFi. It seems convenient.  You can access the Internet, your email, your bank account – from anywhere.  But free public WiFi is free for a reason. So how do you keep your online activity secure so that no matter where you are, your data and information will be secure? Enter the VPN – a virtual private network. In simple terms, it’s like a tunnel from your computer or device to your secure, trusted network. Your company likely has a VPN, whether from Fortinet, Palo Alto Networks, Juniper Systems, Cisco, or a few other big players. Make sure you use it. Want one for home use? Choose a private, individual subscription VPN such as NordVPN.

With NordVPN or other services like it, you can experience online privacy with just a few clicks. To start with, send your Internet traffic through remote servers anywhere around the globe to change your IP address and protect your private data. From there, NordVPN will ensure that none of your confidential information is being logged, monitored, exposed or intercepted by third parties. This is an ideal gift for yourself or any executive in your world.

Apricorn Secure Key 2 Encrypted USB Drive


A USB drive – also known as a memory stick, thumb drive, or flash drive might not sound like an exciting gift but how about one with encryption? What is encryption? It’s the process of converting information or data into a code to prevent unauthorized access. A USB drive with built in encryption is what you need to securely store and share files – especially when you’re not in the office.  Check out Apricorn’s Secure Key 2.


5. BauBax Men’s & Women’s Blazer


Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 9.43.03 AM.png

Still not convinced you’ve found the ideal cyber safe gift for your favorite executive? Well, we might have saved the best for last.  This is a blazer. It’s a special blazer designed with security and convenience in mind.  This blazer will not only keep you comfortable (there’s built-in eye mask and a blanket pocket), but also will keep your phone, tablet, and power bank safe and secure in separate pockets. Now that’s physical security. The BauBax Blazer is the perfect combination of style and function – perhaps more functionality than any piece of clothing you have ever seen.


Bonus Gift

There’s one more thing you and your executive team could really use this holiday season and this is truly the gift that keeps on giving: Cyber Risk Training. If you want to learn more about how to build and execute a risk management strategy that considers all types of cyber issues, contact us to schedule a Cyber Resolve training session.  Happy holidays!