A data-driven approach to your cybersecurity workforce.

As a strategic workforce intelligence company, N2K wants to help security leaders uncover what makes their cyber workforce work. Our goal is to make you smart about your workforce, while making your workforce smarter.
Whether certifications or skills, incident response to secure coding, N2K’s training and workforce development solutions are rooted in data and analytics. Explore common use cases below.


Gain objective visibility into the skills of your cybersecurity workforce.


Ensure training investments are effective in closing skills gaps.


Create career paths for cross-skilling and upskilling internal talent.


Match the right people to the right roles and identify skills gaps.


Provide your team with training to earn industry certifications.


Increase fundamental knowledge of non-cybersecurity personnel.

use case: baselining

Identify competency strengths and weaknesses of all cybersecurity team members.

Most organizations don’t have the data to measure the current state of their cybersecurity teams. Without objective visibility into competency strengths and weaknesses, infosec leaders can’t close persistent skills gaps effectively or efficiently. But what if you could? N2K’s diagnostics-first approach generates data to tell you exactly where you should focus training and talent strategy initiatives—whether you choose to partner with us or with your current training provider.

use case: efficient spend

Ensure that your cybersecurity training investments are closing persistent skills gaps.

Without knowing exactly where skills gaps are, it can be hard for organizations to justify cybersecurity training spend. N2K’s training engagements begin with a diagnostic assessment to determine where personnel should spend their time, as well as what type of training will make the greatest impact. We focus on a consultative approach at the beginning of any training deployment to set goals and objectives aligned with the needs of the organization. Simply put: training becomes more purposeful.

use case: workforce development

Cross-skill and upskill internal talent to create a cybersecurity personnel pipeline.

The cybersecurity talent shortage has plagued infosec leaders for decades, but not enough is being done to solve the problem. Rather than relying on external sources of cybersecurity talent, organizations can take charge of workforce development initiatives. N2K’s diagnostics-first approach generates data about employees that might possess an affinity for specific cybersecurity job functions. With targeted training rooted in data, organizations can cross-skill and upskill current team members into cybersecurity roles.

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use case: talent strategy

Match the right people to the right roles, and provide opportunities for growth.

Grow and retain cybersecurity talent every step of the way. N2K’s professional services team takes a consultative approach to creating career pathways, streamlining talent acquisition strategies, and mapping out training plans that meet employees where they are. In short, we give you the tools you need to facilitate organizational, departmental, and individual cybersecurity growth.

use case: certifications

Provide your team with industry-standard cybersecurity certifications.

Whether you’re looking to equip your team with skills gained from certification or to fulfill compliance requirements, N2K has an effective and efficient training solution. We offer 100% online training courses, practice exams, and practice labs for 100+ certifications across cybersecurity and IT. Designed for engagement and long-term retention, our courses deliver both certification preparation and role-based training.

use case: cyber literacy

Increase the cybersecurity skills of non-cybersecurity personnel.

Cybersecurity responsibilities aren’t only performed out of the Security Operations Center. We offer training solutions designed specifically for cyber-enabled roles across areas of IT, HR, GRC, and other departments, along with training for executives and leaders focused on cyber risk. N2K’s solutions take a data-driven approach to increasing fundamental cybersecurity knowledge of non-cybersecurity personnel, strengthening overall security posture, and improving departmental efficacy.

case studies

Designed for the Individual.
Configured to the Organization.

N2K solutions are built around data, efficiency, and practicality. Regardless of your industry, we can configure a solution for you.

N2K training for Palo Alto Networks

Upskilling 400+ System Engineers for Palo Alto Networks

US Army Case Study with N2K

Improving CompTIA Security+ Pass Rates for the US Army

TRIMEDX Case Study with N2K

Boosting Expertise in Clinical Engineering at TRIMEDX

“N2K has been an excellent education partner. In this case, the term ‘partner’ is meaningful and not an alternative for ‘vendor.’”

Chris Bridge, Palo Alto Networks

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