Our Methodology

Our methodology sets us apart from other training providers. Using a data-driven approach, we build employee skill profiles to better align training and measure effectiveness against organizational objectives.

When it comes to training and workforce development, we believe it’s important to continuously assess and adjust to keep pace with the evolution of your workforce needs. Our six-step methodology is rooted in data to help inform the next step and ensure it ties back to your organization’s goals.


Gain objective visibility into the skills of your cybersecurity workforce.

Efficient Spend

Ensure training investments are effective in closing skills gaps.


Create career paths for cross-skilling and upskilling internal talent.

Talent Strategy

Match the right people to the right roles and identify skills gaps.


Provide your team with training to earn industry certifications.

Cyber Literacy

Increase fundamental knowledge of non-cybersecurity personnel.

CYberVista Methodology - Goal Setting
Goal Setting

An in-depth consultation to align training to business objectives. Examples include increasing certification pass rates, improving onboarding, or updating job roles.


Use diagnostic assessments to baseline employees’ current skills and competencies. Assessments are built into our comprehensive courses or use our NICE Workforce Diagnostic.

Insights Dashboard from N2K

Assessment & Role-Based Training for Top US Healthcare System

Learn how using skills diagnostic assessments and role-based cyber training helped this top US healthcare system improve employee performance and cut training spend by 40%.


Discover employee skill strengths and weaknesses by role or topic. Following the diagnostic, we create skill profiles and analyze results to uncover performance trends to guide training.

We build training roadmap options with either off-the-shelf courses or a custom configured program and work with you to ensure it aligns with your schedule and organizational goals.
N2K Critical Knowledge Course Sample Lesson: Session Hijacking Countermeasures

See the difference.

Now there’s real training data and insights to capture and prove real workforce transformation. Schedule a time to connect today.


Reassess employees to measure improvement and program effectiveness. Final examinations are included with each comprehensive course to evaluate improvement.


Receive analysis and recommendations for continuous improvement through a detailed insights report and/or expert consultation, and receive guidance on long-term strategy.

case studies

Designed for the Individual.
Configured to the Organization.

N2K solutions are built around data, efficiency, and practicality. Regardless of your industry, we can configure a solution for you.

N2K training for Palo Alto Networks

Upskilling 400+ System Engineers for Palo Alto Networks

US Army Case Study with N2K

Improving CompTIA Security+ Pass Rates for the US Army

TRIMEDX Case Study with N2K

Boosting Expertise in Clinical Engineering at TRIMEDX

“N2K has been an excellent education partner. In this case, the term ‘partner’ is meaningful and not an alternative for ‘vendor.’”

Chris Bridge, Palo Alto Networks