Data-driven workforce development.

CyberVista’s diagnostics-first approach provides measurable and actionable insights that address practical business priorities like defining job roles and career pathways, streamlining talent acquisition strategies, and mapping out training plans that meet employees where they are.

Feel confident in how your team is assessed and trained, with custom workforce development plans aligned to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework. This ensures consistency and accuracy in learning objectives required for each job role, providing added clarity towards your overarching workforce development strategy.

Skills assessments.

CyberVista developed the NICE Workforce Diagnostic to give cybersecurity leaders a snapshot of their team’s competency strengths and weaknesses. The diagnostic begins with a 45-minute online assessment for practitioners, and ends with a detailed, interactive dashboard and/or insights report outlining trends in your workforce plus actionable recommendations for training that can close persistent skills gaps.

Computer screen displaying NICE Diagnostic Insights Dashboard
Workforce Blue

Workforce alignments.

Our Workforce Alignment relies on data analytics to provide an objective depiction of your cybersecurity workforce that can be used to normalize and standardize job roles, match the right people to the right roles, and provide them with training to make them successful in those roles.

This is designed to be a collaborative effort between CyberVista and your organization. We work with you to evaluate current job descriptions and requirements, conduct client surveys and internal interviews on business priorities, to ultimately create accurate job profiles outlining skills, knowledge, and competencies. After profiles are created, we use the NICE Workforce Diagnostic to measure performance against expectations identified throughout the alignment process and recommend relevant training roadmaps to close skills gaps.

Workforce mappings.

Building upon the Workforce Alignment, this comprehensive approach to your cybersecurity workforce provides insight into overall skills gaps and weaknesses and offers prescriptive guidance for training engagements. Leaders and practitioners are provided with what amounts to building blocks for a cybersecurity career path within your organization. 

CyberVista will identify upskilling and training opportunities to transition practitioners from one role to another. Use cases might include:

  1. Skills requirements to level up personnel within a role—for example from SOC Tier 1 to Tier 2 or 3—or
  2. Skills needed to transition laterally from one role to a completely different role—SOC to Cyber Risk Analyst, for example


Actionable data to improve your workforce.

Cyber insights.

The preliminary engagement determines the impact of workforce improvements on organizational objectives. Then, a diagnostic assessment identifies skills gaps and strengths and provide insights that can be used to drive talent and training decisions.

Configurable training.

Our methodology emphasizes building a training roadmap that’s truly tailored to your organization. We work with you to build a program based on current skills gaps, your team’s schedule, and greater organizational goals.

Reporting and analysis.

Following a training deployment, CyberVista provides an extensive analysis containing further recommendations to continue to work towards business objectives. Uncover workforce trends by role, demographics, and topic area.