N2K Diagnostic Assessments.

See new possibilities within your workforce.

Assessing the knowledge and skill levels of a cybersecurity workforce has eluded CISOs and HR leaders for years, until now. N2K’s Diagnostic Assessments offers an objective, metrics-based approach to your cybersecurity workforce strategy. Uncover areas of strength and potential improvement, make more informed training decisions, and create meaningful and individualized career paths for your organization.

Baseline reporting.

The simplest application of our diagnostic assessments. See exactly where your team stands.

Star performer analysis.

Match knowledge and skills of the entire team to the top performers within a particular role.

Gap analysis.

Ensure the knowledge and skills of your team members meet industry standards.

Making the Case for Assessments.

A common fear among security leaders is that assessments could be viewed negatively by employees and the results may impact their job. We encourage clients to view this rather as an opportunity to provide employees with more tailored support, through role-specific training and career pathways, for continuous growth within your organization. Using this data-driven approach also benefits you as a leader to maximize efficiency for your people, processes, and technology. We provide you with key insights, training, and support so you can get the most out of your investment.

Computer screen displaying NICE Diagnostic Insights Dashboard

Baseline Reporting

Baseline Reporting, or benchmarking, is the simplest application of the assessment. This baseline assessment provides a snapshot of an individual, a team, or an entire department. Receive detailed scoring reports that can also later be compared to results following a N2K training engagement if enrolled.

Common Use Cases: New Hire Screening, Workforce Alignment

Star Performer Analysis

A Star Performer Analysis is used when you want to match the knowledge and skills of a team to an individual or a set of top performers within a specific role. The star performer(s) complete the assessment first, followed by the greater team. Afterward, both results are thoroughly analyzed to identify the unique “gaps” and training needed for the greater team in order to reach star performer status.

Common Use Cases: Career Pathing, Workforce Mapping

Spider graph of star performer analysis from diagnostic assessments
Spider graph of gap analysis from diagnostic assessment

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis focuses attention on a known performance threshold. Instead of baselining or comparing with top performers, your team members are evaluated against a target KPI aligned to a certification or a job role. 

For Industry Certifications

Use a Gap Analysis diagnostic assessment to determine if an employee is prepared to sit for a certification exam. In this context, the results of the Gap Analysis can guide team members to prioritize weaker areas and study more efficiently, to ultimately increase the likelihood of passing the first time. In return, managers can use this information to issue exam vouchers to those who meet a certain threshold and can potentially save money on exam retakes.

For Role-Based Evaluation

This application is the most direct in aligning assessments with on-the-job performance. N2K’s assessments and training solutions are mapped to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework to ensure practitioners are equipped with the right KSA’s for the right roles. Assessments are configurable to meet unique job requirements within your organization.