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Cloud SOC

Equip your security team with the essential skills in detection, identification, and vulnerability analysis of attacks on cloud infrastructures.

Course Overview

For many organizations, the Security Operations Center (SOC) acts as the keeper of enterprise data, networks, and applications, regularly providing reports on network activity and potential threats. However, with more systems migrating to the cloud, SOC teams must be able to manage multiple streams of data–both internal and external–and effectively log and assess different threats and vulnerabilities within their cloud infrastructure.

N2K’s Cloud SOC course is a five-hour, 100% online program that provides training for security professionals in the detection and identification of attacks on their cloud infrastructures. Learners will become familiar with network captures and logging in both the AWS and Azure instances. Additionally, learners will be prepared to conduct further vulnerability analysis and cloud inventory discovery.

Participants will gain first-hand knowledge of the implications of cloud security in SOC with instruction led by a subject matter expert and industry leader in security operations. This introductory role-based course serves as a precursor to the Critical Knowledge: SOC Analyst and the Cloud Incident Response programs.


It is recommended to have some basic knowledge of security systems and controls, as well as experience working with cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services. Practitioners with a Security+ certification or those who have completed N2K’s Critical Knowledge course are suggested.

Relevant Training

There are several options to continue training following the Cloud SOC course, including:

Who should take this course?

  • Security Professionals to familiarize themselves with cloud monitoring and detection concepts
  • Tier I/II SOC Analysts
  • Risk and Compliance Analysts
  • Cloud Practitioners
  • IT and Network Administrators

Benefits of Training

Organizations participating in this offering will experience the following major benefits:

  • Course taught by an industry leader in SOC
  • Optional configurable Live Online training session
  • Teaches to real-life scenarios and not a certification

Additional Resources


An intelligent solution.

Diagnostic Assessment

Easily administer a diagnostic assessment is used to determine each team member’s strengths and weaknesses.

Security Essentials for Health IT

Video Lessons

Engage with introductory videos, modular lessons, and interviews with Health IT experts.

Kali Linux

Hands-On Activities

Take-home activities and hands-on labs reinforce practical applications of security concepts.

Final Assessment

Participants conclude training with a final assessment to determine improvement across knowledge and skills.

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Course Outline

The Cloud SOC course consists of three domains that establish foundational cybersecurity knowledge on attack lifecycles and network captures, an overview of logs and log types, and effective cloud management and vulnerability analysis. Click on the sections below to see the expanded topic areas within each domain.

  • This unit covers attack lifecycles (Cyber Kill Chain, Mitre Att&ck Framework) and network captures and logs.

    • Attack Lifecycle Review
    • Network Captures and Logs
  • This unit introduces logging as a whole as well as various types of logs that security analysts will need while working in the cloud.

    • Log Overview
    • Cloud Logging
    • API Logging
    • Application Logging
    • Container Logs
  • This unit covers cloud inventory management, data discovery, and vulnerability analysis.

    • Cloud Inventory and Data Discovery
    • Vulnerability Analysis
This course includes:
  • 5hrs of On-Demand Video Lessons
  • 15 Question Diagnostic Exam
  • 15 Question Final Exam
  • 15 Knowledge Check Questions
  • Hands-On Lab Exercises
  • Live Online Session (Optional)
  • Tool and Shortcut Handouts
  • Performance Tracker

Why N2K?

When it comes to cybersecurity training, we know that you and your organization have several options to choose from. This is what separates N2K from the pack.


Measure improvements with robust performance analytics


Training tailored for your organization


Invest more deliberately and better measure training ROI


Training aligned to NICE Framework and top certification bodies

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Why N2K?

When it comes to certification training, we know that you and your organization have several options to choose from. This is what separates N2K from the pack.


Measure improvements with robust performance analytics


Invest more deliberately and better measure training ROI


Training that’s tailored for your organization


Training aligned to NICE Framework and top certification bodies

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“Our team is totally embracing the value of cybersecurity. Now they just get it.”

Jon Benedict, TRIMEDX


Cloud SOC Course FAQs

  • The standard training modality of the course is video-on-demand. Participants have access to all training tools including video lessons, guided labs, knowledge checks, and more within our proprietary LMS for 180-days. Live online instruction is available upon request.

  • No. While certain units and topics may reflect select certifications, the intended purpose of the Cloud SOC course is not to prepare for an exam but to cover the foundational attack concepts, log processes, and cloud management and vulnerability analysis practices essential for practitioners in a related security or SOC function.

    • Rebecca Blair, SOC Manager in Computer Software Industry
  • Yes! Participants receive a digital badge once they have successfully completed the course. This badge can be displayed on social profiles or email signatures. Click here to learn more about N2K’s digital badging.