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Domain 1: Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities

  • 1.1 Malware Types
  • 1.2. Types of Attacks
    • 1.2.A Types of Attacks Part 1
    • 1.2.B Types of Attacks Part 2
    • 1.2.C Types of Attacks Part 3
  • 1.3 Threat Actors Types and Attributes
  • 1.4 Penetration Testing Concepts
  • 1.5 Vulnerability Scanning Concepts
  • 1.6 Types of Vulnerabilities

Domain 2: Technology and Tools

  • 2.1 Network Components
    • 2.1.A Network Components Part 1
    • 2.1.B Network Components Part 2
    • 2.1.C Network Components Part 3
  • 2.2 Software Tools To Assess Security Posture
  • 2.3 Common Security Issues
  • 2.4 Security Technologies
  • 2.5 Secure Mobile Device Deployment
  • 2.6 Security Protocols and Use Cases

Domain 3: Architecture and Design

  • 3.1 Frameworks, Guides, and Layered Security
  • 3.2 Secure Network Architecture Concepts
  • 3.3 Secure Systems Design
  • 3.4 Secure Staging Deployment
  • 3.5 Embedded Systems
  • 3.6 Secure Application Development and Deployment
  • 3.7 Cloud and Virtualization Concepts
  • 3.8 Resiliency and Automation Strategies
  • 3.9 Physical Security Controls

Domain 4: Identity and Access Management

  • 4.1 Identity and Access Management Concepts
  • 4.2 Identity and Access Services
  • 4.3 Identity and Access Management Controls
  • 4.4 Common Account Management Practices

Domain 5: Risk Management

  • 5.1 Policies, Plans, and Procedures
  • 5.2 Business Impact Analysis Concepts
  • 5.3 Risk Management Processes and Concepts
  • 5.4 Follow Incident Response Procedures
  • 5.5 Basic Concepts of Forensics
  • 5.6 Disaster Recovery and COOP
  • 5.7 Types of Controls
  • 5.8 Data Security and Privacy Practices

Domain 6: Cryptography and PKI

  • 6.1 Basic Concepts of Cryptography
  • 6.2 Cryptographic Algorithms and Characteristics
    • 6.2.A Cryptographic Algorithms and Characteristics Part 1
    • 6.2.B Cryptographic Algorithms and Characteristics Part 2
  • 6.3 Wireless Security Settings
  • 6.4 Public Key Infrastructure
    • 6.4.A Public Key Infrastructure Part 1
    • 6.4.B Public Key Infrastructure Part 2

Who should earn the Security+?

The Security+ is an entry-level to intermediate certification designed for experienced practitioners, managers, and executives. It covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics across eight domains.  This credential is well-suited for those in or aspiring to the following positions:

Systems Administrator Network Administrator
Junior IT Auditor Junior Penetration Tester
Security Analyst Threat Analyst

The Security+ also meets the U.S. Department of Defense Directive 8570.

About the Exam

CompTIA Security+ is the certification globally trusted to validate foundational, vendor-neutral IT security knowledge and skills. As a benchmark for best practices in IT security, this certification covers the essential principles for network security and risk management – making it an important stepping stone of an IT security career.

Performance-based Questions Yes
Exam Length 90 Minutes
Experience Level Entry-Level
Pre-requisites CompTia A+ and Network+ Recommended
Exam Price  $339
Passing Score  750 (100-900 Scale)

Free Security+ Guide

The Anatomy of the Security+ exam download dives into the Security+ exam structure, content, application process, and general reasons as to why you should consider earning this in-demand cert.

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Additional Resources

Diagnostic Exam & Final Exam

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Security+ Training Course


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