As part of N2K’s Cyber Workforce Development solution, our cybersecurity certification offerings help your team get up the knowledge curve and close persistent skills gaps.

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Practice exams, labs, and training for over 100 cybersecurity and IT certifications.

We don’t just want to help your team to pass tests. We want to help you to build knowledgeable and skilled teams that you and your organization can depend on.

“This was an excellent course; none like I’ve ever seen before. With the backing of Kaplan’s learning techniques and methodology, plus easy to understand lectures … the course is a full-blown lecture in mastering the content.”

Senior Security Consultant, Services Industry

Building a Better Team

Cyber and IT training are a must for companies today. The threat landscape and technology are constantly changing. But, finding the right workforce development provider can be challenging.

At N2K, we’ve developed comprehensive certification training programs to help your employees get the training they need to attain industry and product certifications. Unlike one-size-fits-all providers, the difference with our Certify solutions is that they are tailored to the individual for maximum impact and value.

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Why N2K?

When it comes to certification training, we know that you and your organization have several options to choose from. This is what separates N2K from the pack. 

Data Driven

Live reporting provides an objective view of performance and progress.


Total costs average 50% less per person compared to traditional providers.


Drive real results with high-quality training and practical applications.


Designed to adapt to the organization and the individual employee.

Our Methodology

Our three step approach is designed to help organizations align cybersecurity talent strategies to overall business goals. By first understanding your unique business objectives, we can develop a made-to-measure solution to ensure long-term success.

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