(ISC)² CISSP Training Course

This Certify CISSP course provides practitioners with the benefit of structure and the flexibility of online delivery. 

CyberVista Certify CISSP Training
five stars

This course gave me the discipline to easily digest all the materials that helped me pass the CISSP… I would strongly recommend taking this course for preparation and success for the CISSP!

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NEW – This course now includes a practice CAT (Computer Adaptive Test) to simulate the actual experience of taking the CISSP exam.

CyberVista’s Live Online CISSP Training Course enables practitioners to participate, learn, and partner with other professionals as they prepare to earn the CISSP certification. Our courses train for the most up-to-date version of the CISSP exam including the April 2018 content update.

We offer CISSP training in three versions: the comprehensive Live Online CISSP Course as well as the Video On-Demand CISSP Course plus a leaner Live Online CISSP Refresher Course. The Live Online Course is designed to provide cybersecurity practitioners with everything needed to pass the CISSP exam on the first try. Alternatively, the CISSP Refresher Course is perfect for seasoned professionals who need review and practice prior to taking the exam.

Live Online Classroom

Light Board Technology: All Certify courses feature light board lectures. It’s like a glass chalkboard pumped full of light so the writing glows while the instructor looks into the camera. This isn’t death by PowerPoint.

Smarter training for all eight domains.

Click to expand into sub-domains. 

Domain 1: Security and Risk Management

  • 1.1 Understand and apply concepts of confidentiality, integrity, and availability
  • 1.2 Evaluate and apply security governance principles
  • 1.3 Determine compliance requirements
  • 1.4 Understand legal and regulatory issues that pertain to information security in a global context
  • 1.5 Understand, adhere to, and promote professional ethics
  • 1.6 Develop, document, and implement security policy, standards, procedures, and guidelines
  • 1.7 Identify, analyze, and prioritize Business Continuity (BC) requirements
  • 1.8 Contribute to and enforce personnel security policies and procedures
  • 1.9 Understand and apply risk management concepts
  • 1.10 Understand and apply threat modeling concepts and methodologies
  • 1.11 Apply risk-based management concepts to the supply chain
  • 1.12 Establish and maintain a security awareness, education, and training program

Domain 2: Asset Security

  • 2.1 Identify and classify information and assets
  • 2.2 Determine and maintain information and asset ownership
  • 2.3 Protect privacy
  • 2.4 Ensure appropriate asset retention
  • 2.5 Determine data security controls
  • 2.6 Establish information and asset handling requirements

Domain 3: Security Architecture and Engineering

  • 3.1 Implement and manage engineering processes using secure design principles
  • 3.2 Understand the fundamental concepts of security models
  • 3.3 Select controls based upon systems security requirements
  • 3.4 Understand security capabilities of information systems
  • 3.5 Assess and mitigate the vulnerabilities of security architectures, designs, and solution elements
  • 3.6-8 Assess and mitigate vulnerabilities
  • 3.9 Apply cryptography
  • 3.10 Apply security principles to site and facility design
  • 3.11 Implement site and facility security controls

Domain 4: Communications & Network Security

  • 4.1 Implement secure design principles in network architectures
  • 4.2 Secure network components
  • 4.3 Implement secure communication channels according to design

Domain 5: Identity & Access Management

  • 5.1 Control physical and logical access to assets
  • 5.2 Manage identification and authentication of people, devices, and services
  • 5.3 Integrate identity as a third-party service
  • 5.4 Implement and manage authorization mechanisms
  • 5.5 Manage the identity and access provisioning lifecycle

Domain 6: Security Assessment & Testing

  • 6.1 Design and validate assessment, test, and audit strategies
  • 6.2 Conduct security control testing
  • 6.3 Collect security process data
  • 6.4 Analyze test output and generate report
  • 6.5 Conduct or facilitate security audits

Domain 7: Security Operations

  • 7.1 Understand and support investigations
  • 7.2 Understand requirements for investigation types
  • 7.3 Conduct logging and monitoring activities
  • 7.4 Securely provisioning resources
  • 7.5 Understand and apply foundational security operations concepts
  • 7.6 Apply resource protection techniques
  • 7.7 Conduct incident management
  • 7.8 Operate and maintain detective and preventive measures
  • 7.9 Implement and support patch and vulnerability management
  • 7.10 Understand and participate in change management processes
  • 7.11 Implement recovery strategies
  • 7.12 Implement Disaster Recovery (DR) processes
  • 7.13 Test Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP)
  • 7.14 Participate in Business Continuity (BC) planning and exercises
  • 7.15 Implement and manage physical security
  • 7.16 Address personnel safety and security concerns

Domain 8: Software Development Security

  • 8.1 Understand and integrate security in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • 8.2 Identify and apply security controls in development environments
  • 8.3 Assess the effectiveness of software security
  • 8.4 Assess security impact of acquired software
  • 8.5 Define and apply secure coding guidelines and standards

Who should earn the CISSP?

The CISSP is an advanced certification designed for experienced practitioners, managers, and executives. It covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics across eight domains.  This credential is well-suited for those in or aspiring to the following positions:

Chief Information Security Officer Security Manager
Director of Security Security Auditor
IT Director/Manager Security Architect
Security Systems Engineer Security Consultant
Security Analyst Network Architect

The CISSP also meets the U.S. Department of Defense Directive 8570.

About the Exam

The CISSP cybersecurity certification is an elite way to demonstrate your knowledge, advance your career and become a member of a community of cybersecurity leaders. It shows you have all it takes to design, engineer, implement and run an information security program.

Exam Format Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT)
Performance-based Questions Yes
Exam Length 3 Hours
Experience Level Manager
Pre-requisites 5 years experience, endorsement
Exam Price  $699
Passing Score  700 (0-1000 Scale)

Free CISSP Guide

The Anatomy of the CISSP exam download dives into the CISSP exam structure, content, application process, and general reasons as to why you should consider earning this in-demand cert.

CISSP Anatomy Guide Download


Domain Foundations

Quiz Bank

More than 800 high quality practice questions. Want a quick 10 question quiz on a certain domain? Easy!

On-Demand Videos

More than 140 short videos available. Content is delivered in 5-15 minute bite-sized chunks mapped to all of the sub-domains.

Performance Tracker

The Performance Tracker allows students to gauge progress and track improvement. Links directly to relevant videos.

CAT Final Exam

NEW! A CAT (Computer Adaptive Test)  final exam to ensure students complete the course prepared and confident to pass the CISSP exam.

Homestretch Tools

Summary Notes

We guide course studies with condensed fact sheets that focus on the most important concepts for easy retention.

Summary Videos

This 3-hour video series focuses on making connections across domains helping students to learn and retain the information for the long term.


Official (ISC)² Guide to the CISSP (8th ed.) and the CISSP CBK Student Handbook (e-book)

Private Strategy Session

Students benefit from a 1:1 private study session with an instructor leading up to the exam.

Additional Resources

Diagnostic Exam

A 100 question diagnostic exam identifies current areas of strength and weakness to help to focus efforts on growth and improvement.

Lesson Book

The CyberVista Lesson Book is a companion book to the live online sessions serving as the perfect place for note taking.

Mid-term Exam

A 100 question mid-term practice exam.

Digital Flashcards

700+ e-flashcards are available at your fingertips on your mobile device. Ensure you are confident!


There are Live Online courses being added all of the time to suit the needs to students across the nation and around the world. Within the Live Online course, students attend an online lecture three hours a week over while partnering with fellow students in our interactive, live online environment. The Live Online Refresher course option follows the same schedule and attends the same live lectures, but does not include all of the same physical and digital resources. 

CyberVista CISSP Training Learning Management System CISSP


CISSP Training Course

Live Online / On-Demand
$3,795 / $2,995

The Live Online Course is designed to provide cybersecurity practitioners with everything needed to pass the CISSP exam on the first try.

• Engaging Live Online Instruction
• (ISC)² Approved Course & Instructors
• Domain Foundations
• Homestretch Tools
• Additional Resources
• Readiness Guarantee

CISSP Training Course

Live Online Refresher

The CISSP Refresher Course is perfect for seasoned professionals who need review and practice prior to taking the exam.

• Engaging Live Online Instruction
• (ISC)² Approved Course & Instructors
• Domain Foundations
• Homestretch Tools
• Additional Resources
• Readiness Guarantee

Monthly Financing

For added flexibility and affordability, all individual students are welcome to take advantage of our partnership with Skills Fund offering monthly financing for all Certify courses.

For Business

If you are interested in training for a team or your organization, submit a request within CyberVista’s Enterprise Program. We offer scaled corporate discounts.

For Government

If you are interested in training for a public organization, agency, or government contractor, please review our Government Program. We can offer special government pricing on all courses.


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four stars

Support from beginning to end

CyberVista stood by me from beginning to end and made time to provide additional test day strategies that helped me successfully pass the CISSP exam. This is a much better alternative to typical boot camps that try to condense too much material in a short period. Compared to CV that covers the most important parts of the CBK so students aren’t overwhelmed with information while also hitting the most important points. I plan to recommend CV to colleagues seeking to obtain the CISSP and other industry certifications.

five stars

Passed the CISSP Exam through CyberVista!

After taking the course back in December, this course gave me the discipline to easily digest all the materials that helped me pass the CISSP. The exam was extremely difficult however, I felt more prepared as this course gives you a strong foundation to tackle most of the concepts. I would strongly recommend taking this course for preparation and success for the CISSP!

five stars

CyberVista provided me the accountability and organization I needed

I started with a free self-study course and quickly found the accountability was missing. CyberVista’s live interactive course using the light board was a first for me and a great experience overall. It kept me accountable and engaged. The real-life experience of the instructors was evident and their ability to articulate concepts was great. The value of interacting with other students in this live environment was also a significant benefit. It’s not easy getting folks to participate, but CyberVista made it happen.

five stars

Train from anywhere

his was my first time studying for a certification through live online training. There were definitely benefits to taking a live online class. For example, you can take your classes from anywhere with an internet connection. I’m happy the training was spread out leveraging multiple learning tools. It was the balance of all of those different aspects that helped to reinforce concepts and instill a strong comprehension of the CISSP concepts.

five stars

Flexible for my busy schedule

I can’t afford, time-wise, to sit in a classroom for a whole week. Being able to watch the class, and participate, while trying to put my daughter to sleep, was a big boon. Also, the class was organized really well. The multiple online quizzes that we were able to take, and then learn what areas we needed to study more, was really helpful. Also, the light board technology was great. I found it captivating, and it was actually the reason why I signed up in the first place.

five stars

Much better than a boot camp

Before CyberVista I was given an opportunity to attend a one-week boot camp. Since my employer was paying for it, I did not hesitate to take advantage of the offer. After that one-week boot camp, I came out of there with more questions than I had going in. I did not feel prepared and the training just simply wasn’t enough. CyberVista’s curriculum is an integration of live online lectures, on-demand videos, and an array of self-study tools–it was just what I needed

five stars

Focused on strengths and weaknesses

When I was training I found myself using CyberVista’s quiz bank a lot, plus they tested me in other ways such as the initial diagnostic exam, the midterm, and the final exam. Getting used to the wording and doing all those practice questions helped me prepare. There was also a system at CyberVista for figuring out my strengths and weaknesses – it honed in on the areas I needed to study more.

five stars

Highly Recommend Cybervista

I would not have passed the CISSP exam without Cybervista! The instructors were knowledgeable and helpful in grasping the material. The online portal (LMS) offers multiple avenues to understand concepts from practice questions to flashcards to videos. The instructors and CyberVista team were there to answer any questions whether technical or for guidance on the best study approach to fit your needs. The weekly online lessons were extremely helpful in breaking down each of the domains covered on the exam. If you follow the study plan provided and put in the time required to understand the major concepts outlined by CyberVista, you’ll pass!

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