Directors feel uneducated about cybersecurity or ill equipped to tackle cyber risk decisions. It is possible to respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Cyber Risk Programs for Boards + Executives

Today’s complex, cyber-insecure world requires board directors, executives, and other business leaders to think critically about the significant cyber issues facing their organizations. Cybersecurity is no longer relegated to the IT department. Cybersecurity starts at the top.

We offer a variety of custom programs that are delivered in-person and onsite at your organization or executive retreat, or online for the geographically-dispersed executive team.


CyberVista brings a unique and unbiased perspective to cyber risk training.  Developed and delivered by a team of experts, we pride ourselves on being an education company first and foremost and are dedicated to empowering you with the necessary knowledge, tools, and connections to make sound cybersecurity-related business decisions.


Cyber Threat Actors
Abbott Acquires St. Jude Medical
St Jude Whitepaper - Executive Cybersecurity
Making Vulnerable Boards Safer
Making Vulnerable Boards Safer - Executive Cybersecurity


We understand that cybersecurity is a new, and often foreign, concept and board members and executives have little time available in their busy schedules. We also understand that each organization is different and has unique and specific needs.  Because of this, our cybersecurity and education experts developed a cyber training program that uses a modular design, encompassing the most important and comprehensive aspects of cyber risk.  We work directly with your internal stakeholders to select modules, topics, and case studies most relevant to your organization.

Cyber Risk Seminars

Available both On-Site and On-Demand, our executive and board-focused seminars provide the knowledge necessary to understand, monitor, and manage cyber risk. Our framework guides an interactive and tailored dialogue that results in leadership articulating the most critical aspects of their business, an overall prioritization of cyber risks against identified threats and vulnerabilities, and a review of the controls that can be put in place to address those risks. From threat actors, to cyber due diligence during M&A, to response planning, we cover 25+ topic areas and can customize a seminar to fit your unique needs.

Deep-Dive Executive Cybersecurity Sessions

Customized sessions focus on a deep-dive examination of a single topic and its application to your organization. Each interactive session is tailored for you and addresses key issues for you to take into consideration.

Cyber Breach Tabletop Exercise

This interactive cyber crisis tabletop exercise challenges senior leadership’s ability to make instantaneous decisions based on limited real-time information. It makes senior executives aware of the pervasive impacts a cyber incident can have across the entire enterprise. Participants will better understand their roles and responsibilities and appreciate the need for a comprehensive incident response plan.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Online or customizable in-person cyber awareness training directed on key topics that help to protect both the company and the individual from cyber-related risk. Training primarily is focused on staff and organizational compliance around cybersecurity awareness.

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Board of Directors and Committees

C-Suite Executives

General Counsels

SVPs, VPs, or Functional Leaders


Customized + Interactive Sessions

Expert Facilitators

Role Specific Guidance

Tailored Case Studies + Dynamic Exercises


Cyber Resolve Workbook

Key Questions and Actions

Actionable Tools + Matrices

Updates on Emerging Risks

  • Justin Zeefe, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, NISOS Group

    "There is a lot more knowledge and substantive accuracy in what I heard in the previous talks than really anywhere else…There is some very useful, valuable, and good information.”

    Justin Zeefe
  • Susan Shultz, President, SSA Executive Search International, Ltd., CEO, The Board Institute

    "Excellent. Surprisingly substantive, relevant, and engaging."

    Susan Shultz
  • Cecily Hines, Board Member, EGRET Health

    "Outstanding in every aspect."

    Cecily Hines
  • Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG

    "I think I need to educate my fellow board members about the importance of cybersecurity."

    Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG
  • Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute

    "I have reason to believe that cybersecurity is the number one existential risk that all companies face today."

    Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute
  • Jean Birch, Independent Director

    "After coming to this program, I'll be able to go back to my boards and really engage at a different level."

    Jean Birch, Independent Director
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