2022 Cybersecurity Workforce Guide

The State of the Industry, Why It’s Not Working, and Looking to the Future

Not enough is being done by the cybersecurity industry, organizations, and individuals within it to address persistent talent shortages and skills gaps. Organizations can take charge of their cybersecurity talent strategies by applying a data-driven approach to developing their own cybersecurity talent.

In this publication, we look at ways organizations can drive lasting change by taking small steps to:

  • Control training investments using workforce data
  • Embrace and develop talent from nontraditional sources
  • Understand current job roles and skills needed to drive defense
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Make your training relevant.

With 100% online delivery backed by data-driven insights and reporting, N2Ks training solutions are designed to meet the pain points of your organization and your employees.

Entry-level talent

Entry and junior level employees need foundational cybersecurity concepts, and your organization can create career pathways for new cyber talent.

Transitioning talent

Upskill, cross-skill, and re-skill internal talent by providing role-based or certification training, including a course on cybersecurity proficiency.

Technical skills

Certifications are popular because they teach valuable skills. Prepare your team to earn industry certifications (Security+, CISSP, CISM, etc.) across all areas of cyber and IT.


Cybersecurity starts at the top. Increase cyber literacy and decision-making with a cybersecurity mindset, beginning with your executive team and trickling down.

Why N2K? Train with purpose.

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