Case Study

Fortune 100 Retail Organization

The Challenge

The Director of the Security Operations Center (SOC) at a multinational, Fortune 100 retail company was looking to invest team training for his entire team of approximately 50 individuals.  Motivations behind the training initiative were straightforward:

  •   Identify knowledge and skills gaps of all SOC personnel
  •   Provide configured training to fill the identified gaps and increase team performance
  •   Fortify a company culture that has repeatedly shown long-term investment in its employees

The organization had previously purchased boot camp training for a limited number of team members as a top performer benefit, but determined that pursuing boot camp training for all 50 practitioners within the SOC was untenable due to high costs and lost productivity while individuals attended class offsite or away from work stations.  The Director indicated that previous investment per employee for the boot camp training was approximately $8,000 after factoring in direct (course fees) and indirect (travel, room & board, lost productivity, etc.) expenses.

An individual within the Director’s team had previously utilized CyberVista’s Live Online CISSP training to earn to prepare for the professional certification and advocated on CyberVista’s behalf. This team member promoted the course’s quality, flexibility, value, and­– perhaps most notably for the Director– it’s data-driven approach to training. 

The Director had become interested in a broad-based application of the CompTIA Security+ curriculum after it was updated in October of 2017 (SY0-501) to include greater support for practical skills designed to help practitioners better identify security attacks, threats, and vulnerabilities. CyberVista is a CompTIA Authorized Partner and had already developed a comprehensive Security+ training course at the time of the initial conversation.

Company Name Withheld: Retail Industry, Fortune 100

2018 to Present

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Case Study

The Solution

CyberVista team members worked closely with the Director and his stakeholders to determine how a configured solution would best suit the needs of the client organization. Ultimately, the Director wished to pursue a course outline that closely followed the Security+ exam objectives so that all members of his team could pursue the certification.  Understandably reluctant to commit the entire team to a training program under a new engagement, the Director determined that he would commit just under half (24) of his team members to the initial diagnostic screening.

For the Director, the results of the diagnostic screening achieved three goals:

  1. Benchmark data clearly presented how each team member performed across diverse domains to understand what training was required for each person
  2. In aggregate, the director was able to review the data for his team’s overall strengths and weaknesses in key cybersecurity domains for the first time
  3. Finally, the results of the data confirmed the credibility in CyberVista’s assessments and cemented the potential value of pursuing comprehensive training

Based on the diagnostic results, the Director decided to move forward with comprehensive training for the 24 diagnostic participants.  The training was delivered via CyberVista’s 100% online platform with a blended live online and on-demand delivery. The total investment for the client was approximately a 75% reduction in the cost of a comparable program from the previous boot camp training provider.

CyberVista’s methodology places immense value in efficiency. While other training courses provide a one-size-fits-all approach to training, applying the same course curriculum to each and every participant, CyberVista courses all start with a diagnostic exam.

“We had excellent help from the account management to the instructors– a great experience all around. Really great business and people.”

Director of SOC, Fortune 100 Retail Client


Case Study

The Results

The initial 24 participants completed the course over an eight-week period (one live online lecture each week complemented by additional videos, practice exams, and practical labs). CyberVista provided bi-weekly reports to provide the Director with continual insight into employees’ course participation and performance. These metrics helped the client build competitive and motivation while providing details to track improvement. 

Of the original cohort, a majority of gone on to pursue the Security+ certification.  This success has led to the Director enrolling his remaining 26 employees in the course in the following months and including other leaders in the organization in expanding beyond the SOC to other areas of the client business including individuals with roles related to security analysis, security engineering, risk management, auditing, and compliance.

As of the October 2019, 104 individuals have completed or are actively participating in training with CyberVista.  The client continues to be engaged in further expansion of CyberVista solutions and in leveraging products outside of the enterprise Security+ training program. Most recently, this client is reviewing the opportunity of using a variant training program as a configured solution for talent onboarding or cross-skilling through Human Resources and Learning & Development. 

Though this client wished to remain unidentified by name, one of the stakeholders was kind enough to submit a public review to Gartner Peer Insights here. We at CyberVista are proud to service this client as a workforce development partner and look forward to serving them in an even greater capacity in the years to come.

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