Cyber Resolve: Board and Executive Cybersecurity Training


Cyber Risk Programs for Boards and Executives

Directors feel uneducated about cybersecurity or ill equipped to tackle cyber risk decisions. It is possible to respond to cybersecurity challenges.

Today’s complex, cyber-insecure world requires boards and executives to think critically about the significant cyber issues facing their organizations. Cybersecurity is no longer relegated to the IT department. Cybersecurity starts at the top and is everyone’s business.

Because we understand the unique roles and responsibilities of boards, executives, and corporate leadership, our program focuses on how cyber risk influences a business’s broader enterprise risk. Our dynamic and interactive program provides a new level of confidence for today’s business leaders.

We offer a variety of custom programs that can be delivered privately to your organization or as part of an executive retreat.


CyberVista brings a unique and unbiased perspective to board and executive cyber risk training to you in your boardroom.  Developed and delivered by cybersecurity experts, we pride ourselves on being an education company first and foremost.  We are dedicated to ensuring you have the necessary knowledge, tools, and connections to make cybersecurity-related business decisions.


Think of your cybersecurity risk strategy like brakes on a car. Having a well-articulated and well-practiced cyber risk strategy allows you to go faster and take more risks, while also understanding your business limits and knowing how to slow down when needed. CyberVista’s cyber risk programs are designed to accelerate you ahead of your peers in your overall understanding of the cybersecurity risk landscape. You will also practice with the same tools in our program that you will use in the C-suite and the boardroom as you oversee and fine-tune your organization’s cybersecurity strategy.

Cybersecurity is like the brakes on a car
Prepare Monitor React


CyberVista understands that each organization has unique risks and will develop differentiated risk mitigation strategies. At the same time, we believe that cyber risk, when well understood, can be mitigated as part of an organization’s broader enterprise risk management program. Our Cyber Resolve program uses a customizable and modular design to fit your company’s unique profile. To help simplify the learning process, Cyber Resolve uses a cyber governance framework that divides 20+ topic areas across three main sections. These units are matched to your learning progression from understanding to managing and overseeing cyber risk.


Board of Directors and Committees

C-Suite Executives

General Counsels

SVPs, VPs, or Senior Leaders

Functional Managers


Customized + Interactive Sessions

Expert Facilitators Who Developed the Program

Role Specific Guidance

Tailored Case Studies + Dynamic Exercises


Cyber Resolve Workbook

Key Questions and Recommended Actions

Actionable Tools + Matrices

Continuous Updates on Emerging Risks


Making Vulnerable Boards Safer

Cybersecurity oversight at the board level is no longer a leading practice – it is a necessity similar to the other existential risks many enterprises face. Read more about what boards can do to manage and mitigate risk.

Making Vulnerable Boards Safer - Executive Cybersecurity


Abbott Acquisition of St. Jude Medical

In 2016, a cybersecurity research firm detailed how St. Jude Medical’s (STJ) pacemakers were vulnerable to cyberattack in the midst of $25b deal with Abbott Laboratories.  What does this mean for proper M&A due diligence?

St Jude Whitepaper - Executive Cybersecurity



Defining cybersecurity
Mapping your company’s crown jewels
Your organization’s vulnerabilities
Sizing impacts of minor and major events


Evaluating your security strategy
Determining your risk tolerance
Scorecards and regular updates
The Chief Information Security Officer
Managing major initiatives
Cyber in mergers and acquisitions


Preparing: “If” & “When” breaches occur
The Cyber Incident Response Plan
Obligations to customers, shareholders, regulators, employees, and the public
Working with law enforcement

Cyber Breach Simulation

Verify that your senior leadership is ready to respond to a cyber breach. Our interactive cyber crisis simulations stress test your executive team’s ability to make instantaneous decisions based on limited real-time information. You will better understand your executive roles and responsibilities and begin to hone your comprehensive incident response plan.

The Cyber Breach Simulation is delivered in partnership with Booz Allen Hamilton.

Booz Allen Hamilton Logo

Let's Work Together

We specialize in creating private and customized training packages for your board, committee, or executive teams. Request a private training sessions to start the conversation.

  • Justin Zeefe, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, NISOS Group

    "There is a lot more knowledge and substantive accuracy in what I heard in the previous talks than really anywhere else…There is some very useful, valuable, and good information.”

    Justin Zeefe
  • Susan Shultz, President, SSA Executive Search International, Ltd., CEO, The Board Institute

    "Excellent. Surprisingly substantive, relevant, and engaging."

    Susan Shultz
  • Cecily Hines, Board Member, EGRET Health

    "Outstanding in every aspect."

    Cecily Hines
  • Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG

    "I think I need to educate my fellow board members about the importance of cybersecurity."

    Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG
  • Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute

    "I have reason to believe that cybersecurity is the number one existential risk that all companies face today."

    Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute
  • Jean Birch, Independent Director

    "After coming to this program, I'll be able to go back to my boards and really engage at a different level."

    Jean Birch, Independent Director
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