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Government Shutdown: Are We Cybersecure? It’s Day 25. Do you know whether the government is cyber secure? The government has now been shut down for 25 days. There are 420,000 Federal employees working without getting a paycheck and another 380,000 furloughed.  Countless others are affected through government contracts and agency services are limited or unavailable. […]

Pros and Cons of Online Learning As a training and workforce development company, we often get asked why organizations should train their employees with us online instead of using the traditional method, in person, in a classroom. I am the head of professional training programs and a self-proclaimed learning guy. I enjoy the opportunity to […]

Marriott’s 500 Million Member Mess When Cyber Due Diligence Goes MIA During M&A A devastating data breach, shaping up to be one of the largest hacks in history, is sending shockwaves through corporate America. On Friday, November 30th, hotel behemoth Marriott announced that they recently discovered a 2014 breach affecting the Starwood guest reservation system, [...]

You’re Studying, But Not Retaining. Why? Pop quiz. Log 100 = ? Unless you are a mathematician (or total nerd) you probably don’t know the answer. Now, ask any high schooler and this question is low hanging fruit. A logarithm, the snarky high schooler will quip, is simply the inverse function of an exponent, measured […]

Aug 30, 2018




Medicine and Cybersecurity, Is It Only About Viruses? A Cyber Vaccine In medicine, vaccines are used to prepare the body to attack viruses and treat illnesses. Pharmaceutical companies do not develop, trial, and release vaccines for a single patient, rather opting for strains of diseases to treat. The time, effort, and resources in developing cures […]

No Thank You Very Much, Mr. Roboto Spammer and Robocall Tactics Even Practitioners Fall For Tell me if this sounds familiar: your phone rings unexpectedly and it’s an unknown number from the same area code as your personal number. You debate whether to answer knowing it’s probably a scammer, but curiosity kicks in and you […]

Why Your Best Cyber Talent is Going to Leave You According to a 2017 survey by ISSA and ESG, nearly half (49%) of cybersecurity practitioners are solicited for a job opportunity at least once a week. Stretching that out to a monthly range, almost every cybersecurity employee is presented with at least one opportunity to […]

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