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Top 5 Training Challenges Cyber Leaders Face Cybersecurity leaders today face a host of critical challenges, but cyber talent increasingly tops that list.  The prevalence of cybersecurity threats in itself is a daily battle, but it’s even worse with limited talent supplies and high attrition rates. The most innovative organizations are tackling these challenges in […]

Cyber Risks: Bigger, Brighter Spotlights on U.S. Boards The board of directors is the pinnacle of an organization. It guides the strategic direction of an organization and provides needed governance and oversight for executive leadership. As the number of massive data breaches have increased significantly in recent years, boards have increasingly faced scrutiny over their […]

Ethical Hacking and Bug Bounties: An Interview with Debby Chang of HackerOne   In the past several years, multi-billion dollar companies have been hit with massive data breaches, wherein millions of customers’ personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), and payment data have been stolen. These companies spend millions on cybersecurity, but [...]
How to Pick a Regulatory Compliance Partner By Stan Sundel Every day seems to bring news of another major hack in the headlines. A who’s who of the nation's biggest and most prestigious businesses — Equifax, Yahoo, Marriott, and Facebook — have been devastated by data breaches. Millions of customers had their personal information compromised. [...]
Bad Medicine: The Shocking Cyber Vulnerabilities in Medical Devices For years, two researchers, Billy Rios of the security firm Whitescope and Jonathan Butts of QED Secure Solutions, studied medical devices. They tinkered with critical gadgets like pacemakers and insulin pumps, testing them to see whether they contained any cybersecurity weaknesses. What they found was deeply [...]
What New York State’s Cybersecurity Regulation Deadline Means for Your Organization A sweeping set of new regulations are about to hit its final deadline for New York’s financial sector. On March 1, the last provisions of New York State’s Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies (23 NYCRR 500) come into effect. Enacted by New York’s [...]
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