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Bad Medicine: The Shocking Cyber Vulnerabilities in Medical Devices For years, two researchers, Billy Rios of the security firm Whitescope and Jonathan Butts of QED Secure Solutions, studied medical devices. They tinkered with critical gadgets like pacemakers and insulin pumps, testing them to see whether they contained any cybersecurity weaknesses. What they found was deeply [...]
What New York State’s Cybersecurity Regulation Deadline Means for Your Organization A sweeping set of new regulations are about to hit its final deadline for New York’s financial sector. On March 1, the last provisions of New York State’s Cybersecurity Requirements for Financial Services Companies (23 NYCRR 500) come into effect. Enacted by New York’s [...]
Marriott’s 500 Million Member Mess When Cyber Due Diligence Goes MIA During M&A A devastating data breach, shaping up to be one of the largest hacks in history, is sending shockwaves through corporate America. On Friday, November 30th, hotel behemoth Marriott announced that they recently discovered a 2014 breach affecting the Starwood guest reservation system, [...]

Going on Offense: State-Sponsored Offensive Cyber Operations The Trump Administration is supporting an often-cited but infrequently described element of the cyber domain – offensive cyber operations. In August of 2018, President Trump rescinded the Obama-era Presidential Policy Directive 20 (PPD-20), whose critics suggested the directive delayed and obstructed the path that would enable the United […]

  Shock & Awe: Cyber Vulnerabilities in U.S. Weapon Systems The Pentagon has long been seen as the holy grail for hackers. Hollywood has depicted the Department of Defense’s digital networks as an impenetrable fortress, equipped with “Ocean’s 11”-like layers of security. But a shocking new study from the Government Accountability Office shows that when it comes […]

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