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Senior Leaders Must Give Extra [Cyber]Care to Healthcare Earlier this month, over 45,000 healthcare practitioners, technologists, visionaries, and information security professionals gathered in Orlando, FL for the annual Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) Conference. HIMSS is the world’s leading health information and technology conference, and it covers a wide range of issues important [...]
The Education Industry Ranks Worst in Cybersecurity In its 2018 report, Security Scorecard, a company that ranks and rates  security on IT infrastructure and risks, analyzed roughly 2400 organizations within 17 industries. The education industry came in last at #17.  Education performed particularly poorly in application security, endpoint security, and patching. So why is higher ed [...]

Why Applied Learning or Immersive Education? The role of hands on learning when preparing or entering a career in cybersecurity Guest Blog by Bret Fund, CEO at SecureSet A Cybersecurity career is creative, exciting and full of challenges and rewards. Once you have broken in, there is ample opportunity for you to move and grow […]

Top 10 Reasons Employers Should Invest in Training Employers tend to agree talent is one of their biggest strategic cybersecurity challenges.  But the truth is that training budgets are often the first to get cut when it comes to prioritizing spending.  Even worse, some employers think providing training just gives staff the tools to leave [...]

Pros and Cons of Online Learning As a training and workforce development company, we often get asked why organizations should train their employees with us online instead of using the traditional method, in person, in a classroom. I am the head of professional training programs and a self-proclaimed learning guy. I enjoy the opportunity to […]

Cyber’s Marketing Problem Why aren’t young people interested in cybersecurity? As we roll into 2019 and are hit with countless articles about the cybersecurity job and skills gap, it’s a real wonder why millennials aren’t flocking to this field.

Financing Your Professional Education in Cybersecurity and IT For many of us, the learning process doesn’t end with a diploma, but instead is a continuous life journey. Thanks to evolving technology, a fluctuating job market and the general pursuit of happiness, there are always new skills and valuable knowledge to attain to stay sharp and […]

The 12 Certs of Christmas We’re smack in the middle of the holiday season with only 12 days left until Christmas. Rather than overload you with lords-a-leaping or swans-a-swimming (enjoy having the song stuck in your head!), we decided to bring you 12 certifications to consider through the holidays and into the New Year. Whether […]

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