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Unraveling Uber’s Breach and their <Culture> <PR> <Security> <Leadership> Nightmare Below is a link to Data’s post to Uber’s business customers about their cyber data breach. While it is nice to see leadership step in and run with the mea culpa, airing out the faults and misgivings of prior leadership is neither heroic nor helpful. The early […]

The CAT Is Out of the Bag If you, like the readers of, come to CyberVista for your CISSP CAT news, here’s the update you’ve been waiting for. (ISC)² has officially announced that on December 18, 2017, the CISSP exam will transition into a CAT.

How To Lose A CISO Job In 10 Months The average tenure of a CISO?  A little over two years. While it may seem like CEOs and their security leaders end up as the scapegoats of breaches and botched responses (ahem, Equifax), the reality is that CISOs have a job that’s hard to do well. […]

Student Spotlight: Ron Brown, CISSP Welcome back to CyberVista’s Student Spotlight Series. In this series, we talk to newly-minted CISSPs who used the CyberVista system to earn their cert. This episode we talked with Ron Brown, Security Engineer at TriHealth Inc. The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

Connecting Security & Privacy There is a saying used frequently in information security, “You can’t have privacy without security, but you can have security without privacy.” The adage suggests that proper security plans are required to provide protection to private data. Despite the growing ubiquity of this inclusive/exclusive model, many fail to distinguish the difference […]

The CyberVista Student Experience Apparently, people say that studying for a certification exam is daunting and dull. A chore. And rumor has it that exam content will never be relevant to a cybersecurity career. We’re here to tell you that those who believe that are wrong – beyond wrong – and obviously haven’t entered a […]

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