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The Current Cybersecurity Landscape Cybersecurity is Confusing, Fragmented, and Crowded By Simone Petrella, Chief Cyberstrategy Officer, CyberVista The cybersecurity landscape isn’t the easiest place to navigate. It’s confusing, fragmented, and crowded. There are currently more than 85 cybersecurity-related certifications, ranging from the foundational to the highly specialized. Furthermore, there are countless degree programs where you […]

Cybersecurity Update: Reflecting on the WannaCry Ransomware Attack A global ransomware attack crippled operations for thousands of organizations earlier this month, and today the cybersecurity world is still assessing the damage. As IT and security teams around the world struggle to regain control of company data, cyber forensic researchers are attempting to understand who perpetrated […]

23 NYCRR 500’s Risk Assessment Clause We have previously discussed new New York Department of Financial Service (DFS) cybersecurity standards, known as 23 NYCRR 500, that came into effect March 1, 2017. This regulation is the first of its kind, calling for financial institutions to implement rigorous cybersecurity requirements. To comply, organizations need to establish […]

Password Tips on World Password Day Today is World Password Day, which promotes cyber hygiene through the use of strong passwords. The day is significant because it furthers the idea that personal data security is achievable and manageable, even for the non-technical among us. As the day recognizes, an obvious place to start protecting yourself […]

Welcome to the fifth installment of our Threat Actor Profile series where we analyze the main categories of actors that represent a threat to your organization. This series is designed for executives. Because we understand the unique roles and responsibilities of executives, and corporate leadership, we’re focused on cyber risk as an enterprise risk—and help […]

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