In-Person and Digital Seminars for Boards and Executives

We understand that cybersecurity is a new, and often foreign, concept and board members and executives have little time available in their busy schedules. We also understand that each organization is different and has unique and specific needs.  

Because of this, our cybersecurity and education experts developed a cyber training program that uses a modular design, encompassing the most important and comprehensive aspects of cyber risk.  We work directly with your internal stakeholders to select modules, topics, and case studies most relevant to your organization.

CyberVista Resolve Cyber Risk Seminar


Our Cyber Governance Framework provides a structured approach for senior leaders to view and manage cyber risk. Our framework is the amalgamation of familiar enterprise risk management processes and the National Institute of Science & Technology’s Cyber Security Framework (NIST-CSF).

Our approach simplifies cyber risk concepts across three main units: Prepare, Monitor, and React. Our training is deliberately sequenced in a manner that scaffolds the learning process, making cyber risk issues easier to comprehend, govern, and manage.

PREPARE / Assess Cyber Risk: We provide engaging content that helps leadership identify relevant cyber risk scenarios and measure the amount of risk associated with each.

MONITOR / Maintain Cybersecurity Controls: This unit empowers senior leaders to implement effective controls that help manage cyber risk across people, process, technology, and environment.

REACT / Respond to a Crisis: By centrally focusing decisions around enterprise risk themes and actions, this unit acts as a construct when navigating and planning for management of a cybersecurity crisis from the executive perspective.

On-Site Features

1.5 – 3 hours in length
Includes CyberVista Resolve workbook
Key questions & recommended actions
Incorporates case studies and role-specific guidance
Covers 25+ topic areas
Aligns to specific cybersecurity policies, controls, and strategies

Cyber Risk Seminar: On-Site

This executive-focused program provides senior leadership with the knowledge necessary to understand, monitor, and manage cyber risk as well as help meet compliance requirements. The content of CyberVista’s Resolve seminars is aligned with the Factor Analysis of Information Risk (FAIR) methodology and uses our Cyber Governance Framework and curriculum to build-upon the foundational elements needed to measure, manage, and report on cyber risk from a business perspective. We incorporate case studies and examples to contextualize specific learning points, and provide a comprehensive cyber risk manual that contains key questions, actionable tools, and content specifically focused on an executive audience.

On-Demand Features

Modular, high-quality video
25+ key cyber risk topics
Downloadable worksheets and case studies
Subject matter expert interviews
Certificate of completion
Cyber risk glossary of terms
Includes CyberVista’s Monthly Executive Cyber Briefing

Cyber Risk Seminar: On-Demand

We have adapted our Cyber Risk Seminar on-site product into a flexible, online course designed to work around your busy schedule. Like the On-Site program, this program provides senior leadership with the knowledge necessary to understand, monitor, and manage cyber risk as well as help meet compliance requirements.

The On-Demand program is hosted in an intelligent learning management system that is fully accessible on mobile and desktop. The system tracks your progress and tests your knowledge to ensure that you complete with the perspective and knowledge you need to make the right cyber risk decisions. We are excited to offer this program at $1,495 per team member.  Buying for the entire board, committee, or leadership team? Contact us for a group discounts.

Cyber Resolve Cyber Risk Seminar On-Demand
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