Practice What They Breach™

As part of N2K’s Cyber Talent Development solution, Practice What They Breach™, a cyber risk tabletop exercise for senior leadership teams, is designed to test leadership’s ability to make quick decisions based on limited information.

We have a situation.

Can you verify that your leadership team is ready to respond to a cyber breach? N2K’s Cybersecurity Tabletop Exercise, Practice What They Breach™, is designed to test senior leadership’s ability to make instantaneous decisions based on limited real-time information. This live, interactive exercise highlights the pervasive impacts a cyber incident can have across the entire enterprise.

This is a high-touch, configurable solution involving in-depth consultation between our experts and your team to ensure the exercise addresses the specific cyber issues affecting your business and the direct responsibilities of key stakeholders.

Following the tabletop exercise, participants will better understand their roles and responsibilities and appreciate the need for a comprehensive incident response plan.

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