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CyberWire and N2K Merge: B2B Audio News Leader and Online Education Innovator Form the World’s First “News to Knowledge” Network

CyberWire and N2K Merge: B2B Audio News Leader and Online Education Innovator Form the World’s First “News to Knowledge” Network 2560 1280 N2K

FULTON, Md., Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – CyberWire, the world’s leading B2B cybersecurity audio network, and N2K, an industry leader in data-driven cybersecurity training, today announced a strategic merger to form a new parent company, N2K Networks, the world’s first “news to knowledge” network.

N2K Networks will focus on expanding the company’s technology platform to enable development of more resilient enterprise cyber workforces, to pioneer new markets, and to create original “news to knowledge” audio brands. Peter Kilpe, CEO of CyberWire, will become chief executive officer of N2K Networks; and Simone Petrella, CEO of N2K, will lead N2K and CyberWire as president.

In conjunction with the merger, N2K also announced today a successful $5.4 Million Series A funding round led by Graham Holdings Company, with participation by DataTribe. The merger of these two cybersecurity leaders will create powerful new opportunities for professionals to keep abreast of the latest developments in their industry, climb the knowledge curve quickly, and stay ahead in a continuously changing world.

“One of the critical insights we gained about our business since we launched back in 2016 is that individuals and enterprises weren’t just listening to the CyberWire to keep up on the latest news—they were listening to learn. And over time, we became an integral part of people’s professional lives and essential to how they do their jobs,” said Peter Kilpe, CEO of N2K. “That’s ‘news to knowledge,’ and we’re excited to lean in on this idea.”

“I’ve experienced the cyber skills shortage first-hand building teams in the intelligence and national security community. Our goal is to tackle the skills gap in a way that actually solves the needs of the cyber community and builds more resilient workforces and organizations,” said Simone Petrella, the company’s President. “Joining forces with CyberWire is realizing that vision. Combining education and media is an exciting and cutting edge approach to give talent the skills and knowledge needed to be effective in a constantly changing cyber threat environment.”

“Simone and Peter have each built businesses that provide cybersecurity solutions to the market around news, education, and workforce training. By combining these businesses, we believe we are able to offer solutions to employers across the full stack of their needs,” said Timothy O’Shaughnessy, President and CEO of Graham Holdings Company. “We’re excited to see what the teams can accomplish together.”

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The news to knowledge network is how you succeed in a rapidly changing world. Our flagship brands include CyberWire, the world’s leading B2B cybersecurity audio network, and N2K, an industry leader in data-driven cybersecurity training. As industries rapidly change, we help professionals and enterprises succeed by getting them up the knowledge curve fast and keeping them there. Our business is to ensure you stay in the know through the continuous spectrum of news to knowledge. Learn more at N2Knetworks.com.

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The CyberWire gets people up to speed quickly on cybersecurity, and helps keep them a step ahead in a continually changing world. Situational awareness, continuing education, and professional development are the cornerstones of our programs. The CyberWire has long been trusted by many of the most influential leaders and professionals in both the public and private sectors, around the world. We separate the signal from the noise. Learn more about our podcasts and newsletters at thecyberwire.com.

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N2K is a cybersecurity workforce development company. N2K’s mission is to build and strengthen organizations by providing cybersecurity professionals with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to drive growth and defense. Founded in 2016, N2K benefits from the rich 85-year history of Kaplan—one of the world’s premier training providers—as its sister company and ally. In 2018, N2K welcomed Transcender into the brand. Transcender brings over 25 years of helping organizations and practitioners build technical job skills across all areas of IT and cybersecurity. Transforming today’s workforce to meet tomorrow’s cybersecurity challenges. Learn more at cybervista.net.

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Graham Holdings Company (NYSE:GHC) is a diversified holding company whose operations include: educational services, home health and hospice care, television broadcasting; online, print and local TV news, automotive, hospitality and manufacturing companies. For more information, visit ghco.com.

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DataTribe is a startup foundry that invests in and co-builds world-class startups focused on generational leaps in cybersecurity and data science. DataTribe was launched in 2015 with the vision of empowering technologists in the Washington, D.C. region to build and grow successful companies. Founded by leading investors, startup veterans and alumni of the U.S. intelligence community, DataTribe commits capital, in-kind business services and decades of professional expertise to co-build the next generation of cybersecurity, big data and analytics companies. For more information, visit datatribe.com.