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Executive Cyber Risk Seminars

Our cyber risk seminars provide boards and executives with critical cyber risk training delivered on-demand.

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The Executive Cyber Risk Seminar training program is designed for experienced business and organizational leaders, covering a wide range of cybersecurity topics related to areas of cyber risk.

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Chief Executive Officer
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Program Overview

Survey after survey report cybersecurity as the #1 concern for boards and a significant challenge for senior leadership. N2K’s Executive Cyber Risk Seminar helps boards and executives, individually and as a leadership team, get up to speed on enterprise-wide cyber risk issues so they can confidently make informed risk decisions for their organizations.

This on-demand training seminar includes over 20 cybersecurity-related topics, ranging from cyber’s role in M&A to CISO evaluation, that can be completed in under 2 hours. Senior leaders can use this program to not only help oversee cyber risk but also to meet compliance requirements. The seminar can be coupled with live online sessions to enhance learning depending on your organization’s needs, our interactive cybersecurity tabletop exercise allows leaders to put theory into practice through a configurable, simulated breach scenario.

Primary Objectives:
  • Understand cyber risk and the necessary executive actions to properly oversee it.
  • Implement best practices that aid leadership and organizations with risk decisions around cybersecurity legal and regulatory issues (compliance).
  • Keep apprised of cyber risk issues that have broader business implications.
  • Confidently tackle cyber risk.

Our Framework

Our Cyber Governance Framework is the deliberate combination of familiar enterprise risk management processes and recognized cybersecurity frameworks, such as NIST-CSF., and adheres to the FAIR standard.

Our approach simplifies cyber risk concepts across three main units: Prepare, Monitor, and React.

  • Assess Cyber Risk

    We provide engaging content that helps leadership identify relevant cyber risk scenarios and measure the amount of risk associated with each.

  • Maintain Cybersecurity Controls

    This unit empowers senior leaders to implement effective controls that help manage cyber risk across people, process, technology, and environment.

  • Respond to a Crisis

    By centrally focusing decisions around enterprise risk themes and actions, this unit acts as a construct when navigating and planning for the management of a cybersecurity crisis from the executive perspective.

Why N2K?

When it comes to improving risk management, we know that you and your organization have several options to choose from. This is what separates N2K from the pack. 

Instant Access

Access to a digital learning management system available through any computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

On-Demand Videos

High-quality, digestible video modules of 5-10 minutes in length on relevant industry and risk management topics.

Content Downloads

Downloadable materials (PDF format) such as case studies, worksheets, recommended actions, key questions, and a cybersecurity glossary.

Expert Interviews

Live webinars and bonus subject matter expert (SME) video interviews.

“It is the best I have seen! Your conversational approach devoid of jargon combined with the visuals makes it easy to understand and ‘see’ what your are describing.”

Robert Patterson, Co-Founder & CEO at Diogenes-FG

Reduce Workforce Risk

Cyber risk management training solutions designed to increase cyber literacy and make more strategic cyber risk decisions for the organization. Request more information on training options for your executive leadership team and board directors.

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