Cyber Risk Program

This program provides boards and executives with critical cyber risk training delivered onsite or digital on-demand. 

Endorsed by the Fair Institute
CyberVista Resolve Cyber Risk Program
five star review
Jean Birch, Independent Director

“After going through this program, I can go back to my boards and really engage at a different level.”

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Survey after survey report cybersecurity as the #1 concern for boards and a significant challenge for senior leadership. CyberVista’s Cyber Risk Program helps boards and executives, individually and as a leadership team, get up to speed on enterprise-wide cyber risk issues so they can confidently make informed risk decisions for their organizations.

The onsite program delivers 20+ topics during a 90 minute session while the digital program serves as a comprehensive resource with the same core topics covered in under 2 hours. Covering everything from cyber’s role in M&A to CISO evaluation, senior leaders can use this program not just to help oversee cyber risk and but also to meet compliance requirements.Either the onsite or digital program can be coupled with added in person sessions to enhance the learning such as a Simulated Breach Exercise or a Cyber Risk Deep Dive.

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Light Board Technology:
The digital version of this course features light board technology. It’s like a glass chalkboard pumped full of light so the writing glows while the instructor looks into the camera. This isn’t death by PowerPoint or a tired classroom lecture.

Smarter cyber risk training for all industries.

Designed to work around busy schedules while still delivering the highest quality material, executives can complete the core learning modules within this course in under two hours with added resources such as a glossary, white papers, expert interviews, and a monthly news recap and perspective.

Instant Access

Access to a digital learning management system available through any computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone.

On-Demand Videos

High-quality, digestible video modules of 5-10 minutes in length as well as bonus subject matter expert (SME) video interviews.

Content Downloads

Downloadable materials (PDF format) such as case studies, worksheets, recommended actions, key questions, and a cybersecurity glossary.

Newsletter Subscription

Monthly executive-focused newsletters and video briefings tied to current events in cybersecurity. 

Who should attend this program?

This program is designed for experienced business and organizational leaders. The program covers a wide range of cybersecurity topics related to cyber risk.  This credential is well-suited for those in or aspiring to the following positions:

Chairman Board Member
Chief Executive Officer Chief Technology Officer
Chief Financial Officer Chief Information Officer
Chief Revenue Officer Chief Marketing Officer
General Counsel Corporate Secretaries

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Course Summary

Unit Section Topic
Introduction Welcome An Introduction to Resolve
Welcome What is Cyber Risk?
Prepare Threats Threat Actors
Threats Threats to Industry
Threats The Ever-Trusting Human
Vulnerabilities The Value of Data
Vulnerabilities Crown Jewels
Vulnerabilities Cyber Attack Surface
Impacts Enterprise Risk Techniques, Categories & Impacts
Impacts Impact Costs and Trends
Monitor Overview Monitor Unit Overview
People Driving a Culture of Cyber Resilience
People Cybersecurity Training
People Empowering Cybersecurity Leadership
People Building a Cyber Workforce
Process Scoring Cyber Risk
Process Cybersecurity Frameworks
Process Establishing Effective Response Plans
Process Auditing & Benchmarking Cyber Risk
Process Cyber Insurance
Technology Technology Strategy & Maximizing Effectiveness
Environment Monitoring Your Threat Environment
Environment Monitoring Your Legal/Regulatory Environments
React Overview React Unit Overview
Leading Through Crises Enterprise Risk Considerations
Leading Through Crises The Essential Breached Checklist
Conclusion Closing Remarks Cyber Risk: Leveraging Prepare, Monitor, React

Primary Objectives

Participants within this program will achieve the following objectives:

  1. Understand cyber risk and the necessary executive actions to properly oversee it.
  2. Implement best practices that aid leadership and organizations with risk decisions around cybersecurity legal and regulatory issues (compliance).
  3. Keep apprised of cyber risk issues that have broader business implications.
  4. Confidently tackle cyber risk.
CyberVista Resolve Cyber Risk Seminar
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Free Program Catalog

This download provides more information regarding the content, use cases, and general reasons as to why you should consider completing this valuable program.


“Partnering with CyberVista will allow the FAIR Institute to affect and inform a far larger audience.”

Nick Sanna, President of the FAIR Institute

Our Cyber Governance Framework provides a structured approach for senior leaders to view and manage cyber risk. Our framework is the deliberate combination of familiar enterprise risk management processes and recognized cybersecurity frameworks, such as NIST-CSF. Likewise, this program also adheres to the FAIR standard, the only international standard Value at Risk (VaR) model for quantifying cybersecurity and operational risk.

Our approach simplifies cyber risk concepts across three main units: Prepare, Monitor, and React. Our training is deliberately sequenced in a manner that scaffolds the learning process, making cyber risk issues easier to comprehend, govern, and manage.

PREPARE / Assess Cyber Risk: We provide engaging content that helps leadership identify relevant cyber risk scenarios and measure the amount of risk associated with each.

MONITOR / Maintain Cybersecurity Controls: This unit empowers senior leaders to implement effective controls that help manage cyber risk across people, process, technology, and environment.

REACT / Respond to a Crisis: By centrally focusing decisions around enterprise risk themes and actions, this unit acts as a construct when navigating and planning for management of a cybersecurity crisis from the executive perspective.


Cyber Risk Program


• Engaging video instruction
• Content downloads
• Monthly newsletter subscription

Cyber Risk Program

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• Training in your own boardroom
• International availability
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For Business

If you are interested in training for a team or your organization, submit a request within CyberVista’s Enterprise Program. We offer scaled corporate discounts.

For Government

If you are interested in training for a public organization, agency, or government contractor, please review our Government Program. We can offer special government pricing on all courses.


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five star review

“After going through this program, I can go back to my boards and really engage at a different level.”

five star review

Robert Patterson, Co-Founder & CEO at Diogenes-FG

“It is the best I have seen! Your conversational approach devoid of jargon combined with the visuals makes it easy to understand and ‘see’ what your are describing.”
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