You’ve got a target on your back.

Are you and your senior executives cyber aware? We help organizations promote a positive culture of cyber resilience at the most senior levels. Our program helps you keep hackers at bay while assisting with compliance needs.

Digital Executive Security Awareness Program

CyberVista’s board and executive-focused on-demand program is designed specifically to address the needs, business behaviors, and potential risks senior executives face. Executives can complete the program in 30 minutes, viewed at one sitting or conveniently module-by-module.

Your registration includes an annual subscription to CyberVista’s Monthly Executive Briefings. Our curated newsletter and featured video briefings breaks down relevant cyber risk news and applies it back to the business for senior leaders in an easy to understand format.

Why Senior Executives

Do you know why you have become the most sought-after target? This topic will contextualize why threat actors work at length to make you their next victim.

Ensuring Privacy

This is where we get more personal. Learn how to regain control of your (and your family’s) privacy. From phone settings to social media, we’ve got you covered.

The Black Market

Get insight into the black market and understand the various types of information and services traded by cyber criminals and other nefarious actors.

Security on the Go

Highlights the potential risks while traveling. From planes, trains, and automobiles (as well as hotels, cafés, and pubs), we’ll teach you how to stay secure.

Targeting Strategies

The bad guys are clever and are looking to steal your info or dupe you into providing it to them. Don’t be a victim of the latest targeting strategies and tactics.