N2K Referral Program

Refer a friend for a $100 Amazon gift card!

Whether you are a N2K student, alumni, or simply appreciate our comprehensive training programs, we are happy to be connected with you. We value every opportunity to provide practitioners with structure and guidance to advance in a cybersecurity career. If you have friends and colleagues looking for live online cybersecurity and IT training, we’d love to work with them, too.

As a sign of our appreciation, we are happy to provide you with a $100 Amazon.com gift card for each person you refer to N2K who spends $1,000 or more on our training courses or resources, or a $20 Amazon.com gift card for each person who spends less than $1,000 on our training resources. Have three people to refer? Then you could earn up to $300 in gift cards coming your way when they enroll!

How to Register

Simply enter his or her information in the form on this page and click “Register Referral.” You may elect to have N2K send your contact an email with the course and enrollment details or elect to invite your contact on your own. In either instance, if your referral enrolls to an upcoming N2K course within 30 days of registration, we will send your $100 Amazon.com gift card via email. It’s as easy as that!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! We want you to be motivated to spread your positive experience with as many people as you would like. For every person who spends enrolls in a course or purchases materials valuing more than $1,000, you will receive a $100 Amazon.com gift card. For each person you refer to N2K who spends less than $1,000 on our training courses or resources, you will receive a $20 Amazon.com gift card.

  • No problem, we can work around this in two different ways: if you think your contact will register with a different email, simply enter both emails for registration and we will monitor them both. Likewise, your referral will have a second opportunity to list you as a referral during the purchase process on the cart summary page. Lastly, if you know that your referral has registered and you have not heard from N2K within 48 hours of his or her registration, contact info@cybervista.net and we’ll get the situation sorted out.

  • We have chosen to provide a 30 day window to provide flexibility without leaving referrals too open-ended to be tracked over a much longer term. That said, if a procurement process or other delay gets in the way of a successful referral, we are happy to talk about it to see what we can do. Simply email info@cybervista.net and we’ll be in touch within one business day.

  • Absolutely! Your referral can take advantage of any ongoing marketing promotion in addition to your participation in the N2K Referral Program. Again, we want all parties involved to be happy to work with us.

  • Not at all. We will only send the individual the overview email and they will not be added to any other marketing lists to receive additional communications from N2K. If you do not want your contact to receive any emails from N2K, simply select the “No” option under the “Send Email Instructions” option on the form.

  • It does not. N2K does not control the pricing of exam vouchers and we offer them as a means of convenience to practitioners looking to schedule an upcoming exam and, thus, we do not directly profit off of their sale. For that reason, we cannot offer additional discounts on standalone vouchers or offer promotions (even Amazon.com gift cards!) for their sale. Sorry about that.

    However, if your referral purchases practice exams, practice labs, or training Courses, those product types are all eligible for the referral rewards.

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