How Cybersecurity Training Can Give Your Team a Winning Edge

The number of cybersecurity solutions on the market is climbing and shows no signs of stopping. In fact, more than 1,200 vendors compete in the cybersecurity market today. Thanks to this growth, it’s harder and harder to stand out among the vendors you’re competing with.

Cutting through all the noise is easier if you have well-trained sales and marketing professionals on your team. You can gain the edge you need by investing in the right certifications for them, helping them get a broader view of the industry and a greater understanding of all the challenges a CISO faces when selecting technology.

In our latest playbook, we share how key certifications for your sales and marketing staff can benefit your business and leave the competition behind, including:

  • How to give your team the three C’s they need to connect with CISOs
  • How your team can better understand buyers
  • How to help your team see the bigger cybersecurity picture
  • How to retain your team members in a high-turnover industry

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