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CyberVista understands that cybersecurity is a new, and often foreign, concept and board members and executives have little time available in their busy schedules. We also understand that each organization is different and has unique and specific needs.  Because of this, our cybersecurity and education experts developed a cyber training program that uses a modular design, encompassing the most important and comprehensive aspects of cyber risk. We take pride in our pragmatic and customizable approach to understand and manage this growing risk issue. Empowering directors and executives to make informed cybersecurity decisions for their organizations is our priority. We work directly with your internal stakeholders to select modules, topics, and case studies most relevant to your organization.

1. Built with you in mind

Built with you in mind: CyberVista understands the unique roles and responsibilities of boards, executives, and corporate leadership.  We empower you to confidently tackle cybersecurity issues without getting lost in the weeds or dealing with technical jargon.

2. A focus on enterprise risk

A focus on enterprise risk: We provide engaging content that contextualizes cyber risk and recommends policies and controls that help you manage your cyber risks across people, process, technology, and environment.

3. A structured approach

A structured approach: CyberVista’s program is built on our own cyber risk framework and empowers directors and executives to make cybersecurity related decisions for their organizations by providing key questions and recommended actions.

4. Modular, customizable programming

Modular, customizable programming: Our program covers 25 topic areas, so we can facilitate a training session based on your specific needs.

5. Designed by experts

Designed by experts: We consulted with directors, seasoned c-suite execs, cybersecurity experts, and learning scientists to build-out a holistic and practical program.

6. Interactive and engaging

Interactive and engaging: Our interactive program delivers a customized and comprehensive approach to the fundamentals of cyber governance and management. We even offer a cyber breach simulation so you can test your team’s abilities to perform during a cyber crisis.

Private Training Request

We are happy to provide a training program catered to your specific needs. Please fill out the form below and a member of the CyberVista team will follow up with you directly.


Our program tackles cyber risk through three main frameworks: Prepare, Monitor, and React.

The Prepare phase will help you identify cyber threats and threat actors, and calculate business risk.

The Monitor phase ensures that organizations know the effectiveness of their cybersecurity program in the form of policies and controls, as well as metrics for evaluating your people, process, technology, and environment.

Our React phase recognizes that cyber breaches remain a reality no matter how prepared your organization is. We ensure that senior executives understand their roles in incident response procedures and how to manage the crisis through an enterprise risk lens.

Prepare Monitor React


Cyber Risk 101
  • 1.5 – 2 hours
  • This in-person session outlines the role of directors & executives governing or managing cyber risk and equips them with a framework as to how to view cybersecurity risk as an enterprise risk issue. Key emphasis is placed on understanding what comprises cyber risk: the types of threats, the vulnerabilities, and the impacts.
Driving Cyber Resiliency
  • 3– 5 hours
  • This in-person session presents a framework for cybersecurity risk from the board and c-suite perspectives. You will learn about cybersecurity as an enterprise risk and learn about the policies and controls that should be considered to make your organization cyber resilient. Key questions and actions will be covered, allowing you to better equip your organization for navigating a cyber crisis should one occur.
Cyber Breach Simulation
  • 1.5 hours
  • This interactive cyber crisis simulation exercises your team’s ability to make decisions based on limited real-time information.
  • Benjamin Collar, CISSP, Siemens

    "Being able to watch the class, and participate, while trying to put my daughter to sleep, was a big boon...Also, the light board is great. I loved the light board."

    Benjamin Collar

  • Gail Murray, CISSP, Cybersecurity Practitioner

    "There was also a system at CyberVista for figuring out my strengths and weaknesses - it honed in on the areas I needed to study more."

    Gail Murray CISSP

  • Gary Brown, CISSP, Major US Telecommunications Company

    "The CyberVista course is more of a system than a boot camp, providing you with multiple tools to ensure your success."

    Gary Brown CISSP

  • Justin Zeefe, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, NISOS Group

    "There is a lot more knowledge and substantive accuracy in what I heard in the previous talks than really anywhere else…There is some very useful, valuable, and good information.”

    Justin Zeefe
  • Susan Shultz, President, SSA Executive Search International, Ltd., CEO, The Board Institute

    "Excellent. Surprisingly substantive, relevant, and engaging."

    Susan Shultz
  • Cecily Hines, Board Member, EGRET Health

    "Outstanding in every aspect."

    Cecily Hines
  • Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG

    "I think I need to educate my fellow board members about the importance of cybersecurity."

    Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG
  • Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute

    "I have reason to believe that cybersecurity is the number one existential risk that all companies face today."

    Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute
  • Jean Birch, Independent Director

    "After coming to this program, I'll be able to go back to my boards and really engage at a different level."

    Jean Birch, Independent Director
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