Cyber Resolve New York

Cyber Resolve: Seminars for Boards and Executives

CyberVista understands that today’s leaders are tasked with protecting their company from all types of risk. Cybersecurity risk is one such risk and shouldn’t be relegating to the IT department. Corporate leaders and board members must have the expertise to ask and understand cybersecurity questions to lead their organizations toward a sturdy, resilient posture.

Cyber Resolve New York is designed to empower directors and executives to make cybersecurity-related decisions for their organizations by detailing actionable steps that promote cyber resiliency. Unlike other programs, we built this with your priorities and perspectives in mind. Our dynamic workshop uses a cyber governance framework to help senior leadership assess cyber risk, monitor the effectiveness of cyber-related controls, and react to crises when they occur.

Center for Digital Strategies Tuck at Dartmouth

This seminar is delivered in partnership with the Glassmeyer/McNamee Center for Digital Strategies Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.


9:30a Registration Begins Come early to check into the event, network with peers, get started with a personal security assessment.
10:00a – 10:20a Cyber Resolve Welcome Today will be about cyber threats, fiduciary duties, and organizational readiness. Today’s seminar focuses on curated, deliberate, active learning and immediate actions steps.
10:20a – 11:45a Breached! Cyber simulation To get a sense of where we are and where we need to be, we kick things off in the hot seat. This will be active learning in a scenario-based cyber breach exercise powered by Booz Allen Hamilton.
11:45a – 12:00p Networking Break Share stories and experiences with your fellow executives.
12:00p – 12:30p “Practice What They Breach” (A View from the Top) Hans Brechbühl, Executive Director Center for Digital Strategies at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and Adjunct Associate Professor of Business Administration will give a view from the top including the challenges of information security in a collaborative, networked environment. Through examples, he will comment and highlight further what we learned during the breach exercise. In a previous life, Hans served as an intelligence officer in the U.S. Army for ten years, where he led tactical units on the Iron Curtain in Europe – it is through this experience that he is well suited to discuss the necessity of practice for optimal performance.
12:30p – 1:30p Lunch Lunch, networking, and table exercises.
1:30p – 2:20p Understanding Cyber Risk Understand and assess your cyber risk across threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts. Learn key actions that reduce your enterprise cyber risk.
2:20p – 2:40p Table Discussions Table discussions and activities about specific threats and other cyber risk issues you and your industry face.
2:40p – 3:00p Networking Break Network and observe a deep web demonstration.
3:00p – 4:15p Driving Continuous Cyber Resiliency Learn how to maintain and evaluate from an executive perspective the effectiveness of your cyber-related policies/controls across environment, people, processes, and technology.
4:15p – 4:30p Concluding Remarks Concluding thoughts and your next steps to ensure that you and your organization establish and maintain an appropriate cyber posture.


Westin New York at Times Square

Located in the heart of New York, the Westin New York at Times Square offers a refreshing hotel experience in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. The hotel is convenient to all of New York City’s means of transportation, is located within walking distance of 40 theaters and world-famous shops, and is surrounded by New York City’s fashion and financial districts.

There is a limited number of rooms being held at the Westin New York, if you are interested in making a reservation, please contact us at


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Need Private Event Training?

We specialize in creating private and customized training packages for your board, committee, or executive team.
Feel secure in your boardroom to speak candidly and even experience a real breach-inspired cyber simulation.

  • Justin Zeefe, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder, NISOS Group

    "There is a lot more knowledge and substantive accuracy in what I heard in the previous talks than really anywhere else…There is some very useful, valuable, and good information.”

    Justin Zeefe
  • Susan Shultz, President, SSA Executive Search International, Ltd., CEO, The Board Institute

    "Excellent. Surprisingly substantive, relevant, and engaging."

    Susan Shultz
  • Cecily Hines, Board Member, EGRET Health

    "Outstanding in every aspect."

    Cecily Hines
  • Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG

    "I think I need to educate my fellow board members about the importance of cybersecurity."

    Robert Patterson, Board Member, Diogenes-FG
  • Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute

    "I have reason to believe that cybersecurity is the number one existential risk that all companies face today."

    Gerald Czarnecki, Board Member, National Leadership Institute
  • Jean Birch, Independent Director

    "After coming to this program, I'll be able to go back to my boards and really engage at a different level."

    Jean Birch, Independent Director
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