Launch Your Cyber Career

Unemployed, laid-off, furloughed, or simply looking for a better future?

Even in the midst a global pandemic and economic downturn, organizations are still actively hiring cybersecurity personnel and a majority of cybersecurity positions have been deemed essential. We have pulled several resources together for individuals new to cybersecurity, either from entry level or in transitioning from another industry. Even better, we’re offering free online training modules to individuals normally reserved for enterprise teams. Explore using the links below.
Federal Workers CyberVista
CyberVista Cybersecurity Practitioner
Whats Your Cyber Role | CyberVista

Limitless Opportunity

Cybersecurity is in high-demand and there is a talent shortage in the field. 

While many folks know there are great opportunities in cybersecurity,  there is a notion that cybersecurity is a uniform field professionals on a singular career path, for one type of person. Not true! Cybersecurity offers various career paths and roles to suit a variety of needs, talents, and personalities.

We have compiled ten common and varied cybersecurity roles and provided summaries as what the positions entail along with their current demand. Click any of the titles below to dive in.

Not sure where to start? Let our Cyber Roles quiz help you. Take the quiz by clicking “Get Started” to be matched to a cybersecurity role based on your personality.

Cybersecurity Architect
Cybersecurity Auditor
Incident Responder
Malware Analyst
Network Administrator
Penetration Tester
SOC Analyst
Threat Hunter
Threat Intel Analyst
Vulnerability Mgmt Analyst


Free Critical Knowledge Explorer

CyberVista is offering individuals free access to training modules from our enterprise Critical Knowledge course offering covering units on Network Fundamentals, Attacks and Vulnerabilities, and Network Security. 

Why you should take advantage of this offer:

  • Increase your skills in high-demand
  • Learn objectives linked to industry certifications
  • No direct or indirect costs
Female engineer
CyberVista Advance Screenshot
Spider Graph CyberVista Critical Knowledge
Unit 1 Critical Knowledge
01. Network Fundamentals
  • Networking and Computing Principles
  • Network Architecture
  • Network Media
  • Wireless Protocols and Standards
  • Networking Models
  • Addressing, Protocols, and Packets
  • Subnetting
Unit 2 Critical Knowledge
02. Attacks and Vulnerabilities
  • Social Engineering
  • DoS Attacks
  • Injection Attacks
  • Session Hijacking
  • Malware 
  • Authentication Attacks
Unit 3 Critical Knowledge
03. Network Security
  • Network Filtering Devices
  • Network Analysis Devices
  • Zoning and Segmentation
  • Tunneling
  • Securing Insecure Protocols
  • Cloud Architecture and Deployment

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