A solution built for you.

We get it. Every organization is unique and yours is no different. Shed some light on your situation and we will work with you to provide a suitable solution to meet your needs.

N2K Custom Training

We have designed our training programs from the ground up to create near limitless configuration to provide organizations like yours with a custom workforce development experience. To start, all N2K solutions are delivered from a single learning management system platform, meaning that our approach can add or remove training components depending on your company size, industry, department, or other dependency.

If your specific needs cannot be met through configuration of existing training modules, N2K will work with you on developing new workforce development content– developed in-house– to ensure that your goals are met.

Let’s begin with a conversation on the problem you’re looking to solve or the initiative you’re looking to kick off. A member of the N2K team will follow up with you (usually within one business day).

Custom Consultation Request