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We partner with organizations to solve cybersecurity training needs.


We have designed our training programs with the utmost flexibility. Regardless of your needs, we can work with you to provide custom cybersecurity training to empower your organization.

Case Studies

  • A large retail client.

    InfoSec director with a direct report team of 30 had concerns about the level of cyber knowledge of his team members.  He wanted to ensure a baseline of expertise to understand where his staff could use re-skilling and up-skilling.

    CyberVista started each team member with an online assessment. The results of the diagnostic achieved 2 things: 1) measured each team member across a standard to understand what training was required for each person and 2) showed the director which of the key cybersecurity areas were strong and lacking across his team.

    This client is actively engaged in a 2 month training program that couples online training modules with an in-person deep dive on topics best reflective of the needs based on the diagnostic plus areas most relevant to this organization.

  • A government-contractor solutions and technology firm.

    A Senior Buyer was charged with creating and fulfilling an RFP for a combination of enterprise-wide security awareness, executive-specific security awareness, and CISSP training.

    CyberVista created an enterprise-wide solution to drive added value for the training funds.  The solution included online security awareness, digital executive security awareness, a breach exercise for the C-suite, and Live Online Certification training along with exam vouchers.

  • A global cybersecurity firm.

    Training leader in a global cybersecurity company wanted a training solution for team of 300 employees that didn’t include a bootcamp that would keep them away from their jobs for a week at a time. She wanted more modular and convenient training. Also imperative was a lab component to practice and test the team’s knowledge.

    CyberVista created an immersive training solution that started with an assessment to establish a benchmark and then customized the training to meet the needs of the team.  The solution included eight topic areas to be covered over an 8 week period along with a practice, scenario-based lab. The 300 people will train in groups of 50. Client wants to stagger the training and to complete by December with new content and refresher content annually.

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