1. General CISSP Exam FAQs

The CISSP exam is a rigorous exam that includes 250 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 6 hours. Within CyberVista’s course, you will be able to work up to this daunting task through a diagnostic exam (100 questions), a practice question bank of over 2,000 questions, midterm exam (100 questions), and final exam (250 questions).

According to (ISC)², a scaled score is a different way of expressing a candidate’s achieved score in the examination without distorting the meaning of scores. In scaled score reporting, a candidate’s raw score (number of items answered correctly) is converted to a number within a predefined score range. In the case of (ISC)², all raw scores are converted to scaled scores of 0-1000. One needs roughly 700 (70%) or higher to pass the CISSP certification exam.

2. Live Online CISSP Course FAQs

In total, the course is 12 weeks long.  Live online sessions occur once per week in the evenings for approximately three (3) hours.

Our instructors are (ISC)² authorized and CISSP certified instructors with an average of more than 20 years experience. Our instructors, working cybersecurity practitioners, deliver over 70 hours of live and on-demand videos throughout the duration of the course.

Light board technology uses an illuminated glass pane between the instructor and the camera that allows the instructor to illustrate concepts while remaining face-to-face with students. We use a light board during our instruction so you can follow along in real time while your instructor demonstrates important topics in cybersecurity. Though we do use PowerPoint in our lessons, there is no “death by PowerPoint” in our course.

Live Online CISSP courses start twice per month. Please visit to review currently scheduled start dates.

There are more than 2,000 practice questions available to those who enroll in the live online CISSP training course. Students can use both the supplied question banks as part of the course pack as well as the digital question bank in the learning management system to prepare for the exam.  At over 2,000 questions, this represents the largest practice question library in the industry.

You will receive login credentials for the LMS and your diagnostic exam the week prior to the start of the course.

You will have unlimited access to content-specific videos addressing all 8 domains during your course. There are no time limits on daily use and you are able to review previously reviewed content at any time.

Absolutely. All enrolled students receive the course study pack which includes two textbooks (Official CISSP Core Body of Knowledge book and the CISSP Certification Guide), a customized lesson book from CyberVista, as well as flash cards. You will receive your study pack prior to the start of the first class.  The study pack in combination with the full-featured learning management system comprises the most comprehensive program available!

While enrolling in the course on you will provide a shipping address. The CyberVista team will use this address to send a package containing your textbooks, your lesson book, and flash cards prior to the first live class session. Electronic materials will also be available through the learning management system (LMS) the week prior to the course start date.

The diagnostic exam is a 100 question online, multiple-choice practice test that will help you to uncover what you already know and where you should focus your efforts in order to perform well on the 8 domains of the CISSP exam.  We use the results of your diagnostic exam to deliver you a personalized and efficient study plan for the duration of the course. In addition to the questions of the exam, we also include a short survey to learn more about you and how you study.

You will take this diagnostic in the week prior to your first live online class. You can access the diagnostic exam as soon as your instructor has delivered your credentials to access the learning management system (LMS).

Yes. It takes roughly 300 hours to fully prepare for the CISSP exam depending on your experience level. We help make the learning manageable by spreading the course over 12 weeks and using learning science techniques (including the diagnostic exam) to focus on targeted areas of improvement.

Full payment is required at the time of purchase unless there has been another agreed upon arrangement between the student and CyberVista. In some circumstances CyberVista can work with students to provide an installment plan. For more information, please contact us at

Yes. In some cases, CyberVista can work with students to provide a payment plan as an installment plan that divides the cost of the course into three equal payments over a 60 day period. For more information, please contact us at

Please note sessions are defined as the occurrence of a live online classroom session, usage of online resources including the diagnostic, or proctored exams.

  • Cancellation before any session, 100% fees are refunded (less shipping & handling fee).
  • Cancellation before two sessions, 75% fees are refunded (less shipping & handling fee).
  • Cancellation before three sessions, 50% fees are refunded (less shipping & handling fee).
  • Cancellation after third session, there will be no refund.

A refund will be processed after all student materials are returned to CyberVista.

The Readiness Guarantee allows for a free course re-take if life gets in the way. If you don’t feel ready to take the exam or if you do not pass your exam, then you may re-take the course.

  1.  After completing your course, email us at if you are not ready to take the exam or if you have taken the exam and have not passed. We’ll register you for the next available course (one-time) at no charge to you.
  2.  In order to qualify, you must contact us within 3 months of the end of your original course and you must select a start date within 12 months of your original purchase date.

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