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Take a closer look at our Live Online CISSP Training course designed to work around your schedule and provide you with all of the tools you need to accelerate your cybersecurity career. Unlike gray market training providers, CyberVista’s course is (ISC)² Approved and led by (ISC)² certified instructors.

Our 12-Week Live Online course centers around engaging weekly evening classroom sessions using innovative light board technology. Outside of the weekly live class sessions, you will be supported by a full-featured learning management system that is customized to you. Within the LMS you can review pre-recorded videos on demand, access over 2,000 practice questions, domain quizzes, and even a practice midterm and full-length final exam.

CyberVista CISSP Training Learning Management System CISSP
  • Benjamin Collar, CISSP, Siemens

    "Being able to watch the class, and participate, while trying to put my daughter to sleep, was a big boon...Also, the light board is great. I loved the light board."

    Benjamin Collar

  • Gail Murray, CISSP, Cybersecurity Practitioner

    "There was also a system at CyberVista for figuring out my strengths and weaknesses - it honed in on the areas I needed to study more."

    Gail Murray CISSP

  • Gary Brown, CISSP, Major US Telecommunications Company

    "The CyberVista course is more of a system than a boot camp, providing you with multiple tools to ensure your success."

    Gary Brown CISSP

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Uniquely Comprehensive

Our unique course includes 300+ hours of structured learning including more than 70 hours of live and on-demand expert instruction from working cybersecurity practitioners.

Flexible and Convenient

Our 12-week program fits into your life. You don’t need to take time away from work or home. We combine the rigor of structured, scheduled sessions with the convenience of online instruction.

Innovative Course Delivery

CyberVista delivers the learning content to your fingertips in a state-of-the-art learning management system. Plus, for your live online classes, you’ll experience our expert instructors through light board technology. You won’t spend your time looking at an instructor’s back.

Enroll and Succeed

Earn your CISSP credential: globally recognized as the industry-leader in cybersecurity certifications. The CISSP certification is intended for professionals who have at least 5 years of recent full-time professional and applicable work experience.


Take a free tour of the powerful and customized learning management system.



In addition to weekly live online sessions, we give you everything you need to prepare for the CISSP.


Diagnostic Exam

A 100 question diagnostic exam will identify your current areas of strength and weakness to help to focus your efforts where it counts.

Performance Tracker

The Performance Tracker allows you to track down to the question how you’re improving. Use it to quickly link to review videos and materials for any domains you need work on.

Short Videos

Over 140 available 5-10 minute videos break the CISSP exam the content into bite-sized chunks mapped to all of the sub-domains. 

Practice Questions

More than 2,000 high quality practice questions—the largest library in the industry. Want a quick 10 or 25 question quiz on a certain domain? No problem!

Summary Videos

This 3-hour video series focuses on making connections across domains. This understanding helps you to learn and retain the information for the long term.

Midterm + Final Exam

Having a 100 question midterm and 250 question full-length final ensures that you finish the course prepared and confident to pass the exam.


Lesson Book

The CyberVista Lesson Book is a companion book to the live online sessions serving as the perfect place for note taking. It also acts as a great study outline.


The CyberVista Study Pack include two textbooks: The Official CISSP Common Body of Knowledge (Fourth Edition) and the CISSP Cert Guide.

Summary Notes

We guide your studying with condensed fact sheets that focus on the most important concepts…all at your fingertips.


CyberVista's CISSP Training leverages talented and engaging (ISC)² Certified instructors.

Troy McMillan

Troy MacMillan, CISSP

Troy McMillan

Troy is an author, Product Developer, and Technical Editor at Kaplan Cert Prep. He specializes in creating certification practice tests and study guides. Troy has more than 13 years of experience teaching a variety of cybersecurity certifications at leading companies and educational institutes. He holds more than 20 certifications. When Troy is not behind the light board, he is plucking the strings of his bass, recording new music with his band in North Carolina.

Robin Abernathy

Robin Abernathy, CISSP

Robin Abernathy

Robin is an author, Product Developer, and Technical Editor at Kaplan Cert Prep. Robin has written and edited computer security and project management training materials for leading businesses and certification providers. She is also very active as a technical editor and presenter at security conferences and webinars. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son.

Falan Memmott

Falan Memmott, CISSP

Falan Memmott

Falan's professional experience includes working in information technology for private industry and the U.S. Government. He has spent 19 years helping organizations protect their data while enabling their lines of business. Falan is a former (ISC)² Government Advisory Board member and today he works in the financial services industry, assessing risks and identifying remediation activities needed to comply with internal policies and external standards and regulations. Prior to that he held various leadership roles in government and private industry. Falan enjoys his family, art, writing, theatre, and landscaping.

Kelly Handerhan

Kelly Handerhan, CISSP

Kelly Handerhan

Kelly is an IT professional with 20+ years of IT Systems and Security experience. Kelly is the President and Owner of an education and training company for small and large enterprises. Kelly has experience leading numerous IT projects such as Business Continuity Plans and Disaster Recovery Plans. When she is not behind the lightboard, Kelly enjoys writing and playing with her children and Pugs.


CyberVista's CISSP Training covers all of 8 cybersecurity subject areas referred to as "domains."


Domain 1:
Security and Risk Management


Domain 2:
Asset Security


Domain 3:
Security Engineering


Domain 4:
Communication and Network Security


Domain 5:
Identity and Access Management


Domain 6:
Security Assessment and Testing


Domain 7:
Security Operations


Domain 8:
Software Development and Security

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We host free webinars on a weekly basis. Check out our upcoming schedule!


Upcoming Course Start Dates & Times

Course Start DateCourse EndLive Session DayLive Session TimeRegistration
May 24, 2017August 9, 2017Wednesday6pm-9pm ETClosed
May 27, 2017August 12, 2017Saturday10:30am-1:30pm ETClosed
June 8, 2017August 24, 2017Thursday6pm-9pm ETClosed
June 22, 2017September 7, 2017Thursday6pm-9pm ETClosed
July 5, 2017September 20, 2017Wednesday6pm-9pm ETOpen
July 15, 2017September 30, 2017Saturday11am-2pm ETOpen
August 8, 2017October 31, 2017Tuesday6pm-9pm ETOpen
August 26, 2017November 11, 2017Saturday10:30am-1:30pm ETOpen
September 6, 2017November 29, 2017Wednesday6pm-9pm ETOpen
September 28, 2017December 21, 2017Thursday6pm-9pm ETOpen
October 10, 2017January 9, 2018Tuesday6pm-9pm ETOpen
October 25, 2017January 17, 2018Wednesday6pm-9pm ETOpen
November 9, 2017February 1, 2018Thursday6pm-9pm ETOpen
November 21, 2017February 13, 2018Tuesday6pm-9pm ETOpen
December 6, 2017February 21, 2018Wednesday6pm-9pm ETOpen
December 21, 2017March 8, 2018Thursday6pm-9pm ETOpen

How CyberVista Compares

ProviderCyberVistaGlobal KnowledgeSANSTraining Camp
Course DeliveryLive OnlineBoot CampBoot CampBoot Camp
(ISC)² Approved Course
Light Board Technology
Diagnostic Test
Personalized LMS
Performance Reports
Quiz Bank (1000+ questions)
Midterm & Final Exam✔ (+$600)
Instruction CyberVista Global Knowledge SANS Training Camp
(ISC)² Certified Instructors
Instructor Availability12 Weeks6 days6 days6 days
Live & On Demand Instruction (Hours)7040 4040
Test Day Strategy Lessons
Course Materials CyberVista Global Knowledge SANS Training Camp
(ISC)² CBK Book
Official Certification Guide Book
Lesson Book
Domain Summary Notes
Course Retail Price$3,995$4,095 $5,240 $4,495


All course information including course pricing was obtained and reviewed as of 1/22/2017 via the respective websites of the course providers.

Sample Class Schedule

WeekSession FormatTopic
1Live Orientation sessionOrientation + Diagnostic Exam, 100 Questions
2Live Online sessionDomain 1, Security & Risk Management
3Live Online sessionDomain 2, Asset Security
Domain 3, Security Engineering
4Live Online sessionDomain 3, Security Engineering
Domain 4, Communications and Network Security
5Live Online sessionDomain 4, Communications and Network Security
6Independent sessionMidterm Exam, 100 Questions
Test Day Strategy Lesson 1
7Live Online sessionDomain 5, Identity & Access Management
8Live Online sessionDomain 6, Security Assessment & Testing
9Live Online sessionDomain 7, Security Operations
10Live Online sessionDomain 8, Software Development & Security
11Independent sessionFinal Exam, 250 Questions
12Independent sessionTest Day Strategy Lesson 2


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