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Introducing Critical Knowledge™

Organizations are keenly aware of the growing cyber skills gap (currently 498k* unfilled positions in the United States alone); yet, most don’t know the measurable impact of unfilled positions or underskilled cybersecurity team members. In fact, organizations don’t have a reliable and objective means of determining strengths and weaknesses across their cybersecurity teams. Existing avenues by which organizations can attempt to address the skills gap—including boot camp training programs, team outsourcing, and software subscriptions—make and widen the gap.

Critical Knowledge is an assessment and training program designed to ensure that cybersecurity teams are proficient in foundational concepts and skills across seven key units. Drastically reduce the ambiguity regarding the current performance and future of your cybersecurity workforce.


    The program takes place over three distinct phases, Assess, Train, and Analyze, and covers seven foundational units that adhere directly to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework (NCWF). The Assess phase establishes current organizational “gaps”, Train provides video lessons and practical labs to fill skill gaps, and Analyze provides recommendations for continued resilience. Critical Knowledge is delivered 100% online and can be conducted start-to-finish in fewer than 90 days.


    A full-featured learning management system (LMS) enables both leaders and participants to access training materials throughout the program while also tracking progress and performance. Critical Knowledge includes:

    • Diagnostic Assessment – Easily administer a diagnostic assessment is used to determine each team member’s strengths and weaknesses.
    • Preliminary Workforce Analysis – Receive written analysis utilizing assessment data provides recommendations entering the training phase.
    • Video Lessons – Experience engaging on-demand video featuring cybersecurity practitioners covering across all seven units of the NCWF.
    • Practical Labs – Hands-on experience is critical. Get to work with both guided and problem-oriented labs to reinforce practical applications.
    • Final Assessment – Participants conclude the training period with a two hour final assessment to determine improvement across knowledge and skills.
    • Final Workforce Analysis – CyberVista provides an extensive workforce analysis following the completion of final assessment to drive long-term success and defense.

    Critical Knowledge will have a strong impact across your cybersecurity workforce.

    • Effective – Fill skills gaps and put your organization’s cybersecurity workforce on a foundational path to success.
    • Affordable – Online delivery and modular design mean you spend 50% less on average per employee than conventional boot camp training models.
    • Data Driven – Receive analyses and actionable recommendations your organization needs for future advancement.
    • Tailored – Designed to adapt to the organization and the individual employee are while aligning directly to NICE.

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Critical Knowledge Units

Critical Knowledge ensures proficiency in foundational concepts and skills across seven key units aligned to the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

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