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Role-Specific Training

From custom frameworks, to consulting, to a custom training road map, contact us to launch a better way to train your staff.

With widening cybersecurity threats, limited talent supplies, and high employee attrition rates, training, upskilling, and promoting cybersecurity talent is more critical than ever. Our Advance program is a better way to train your security staff. Leveraging 80 years of Kaplan experience in learning science, we combined this expertise with a market driven cyber curriculum to create the most comprehensive and job specific cyber training programs in existence.

Advance contains the highest quality industry content available today and aligns to the most in-demand cybersecurity certifications such as the CISSP, CISM, CEH, and Security+.

We apply our taxonomy to a real-world mapping of job roles — whether using our framework or we build one customized to your organization — to create career pathways that identify the skills gap between roles and their corresponding levels. We deliver training that fills those critical gaps.

Our Advance program addresses your needs through the following:

  • A modular framework focused on skills
  • Aligns to specific job roles
  • Includes diagnostic conceptual, and experiential learning
  • Congruent with all major certifications
  • Integrates practical reinforcement through labs, scenarios, and use cases

Our learning taxonomy breaks down into six cyber-specific domains, including a functional crosscut of tools and techniques.

CyberVista Advance Taxonomy

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