We are working to close the skills gap.

Learn how N2K can help you and your workforce fill skills gaps efficiently and effectively.

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Your workforce needs work.

From role-based training to career pathing, partner with N2K to build your cyber-enabled workforce.

With widening cybersecurity threats, limited talent supplies, and high employee attrition rates, training, upskilling, and promoting cybersecurity talent is more critical than ever. N2K Advance is a more efficient, effective and less expensive way to train employees compared to bootcamps.

Finally there is a better way to train your security staff than traditional bootcamp training. Leveraging 80+ years of Kaplan experience in learning science, we’ve combined it with hands-on labs, cyber industry experience and a market driven cyber curriculum to create the most comprehensive and job-specific cyber training programs in existence.

We apply our taxonomy to a real-world mapping of job roles — whether using our framework or one we build customized to your organization — to create career pathways that identify the skills gap between roles and their corresponding levels. We deliver training that fills those critical gaps.

Advance provides:

  • A modular framework focused on skills
  • Aligns to specific job roles
  • Includes knowledge-based and practical applications
  • Congruent with major certifications
  • Data-driven analytics suite for enterprise progress and achievement


Drive direct and measurable skills growth.

Learn how N2K can be your partner in hiring, advancing, and retaining a resilient cybersecurity and cyber-enabled workforce by leveraging Critical Knowledge. 

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Our Methodology

Our three step approach is designed to help organizations align cybersecurity talent strategies to overall business goals. By first understanding your unique business objectives, we can develop a made-to-measure solution to ensure long-term success.

N2K Methodology