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(Another) CISSP Exam Update Coming April 2018 Many CISSP candidates feel like hard-working TCP network communications. Just when you closed out with the FIN packet, (ISC)² hits you with another SYN message. Even though (ISC)2 recently announced the CISSP exam format update in December 2017, there is another exam update coming soon that will affect how you […]

Why You Didn’t Get That Cybersecurity Job Offer There are currently 285,681 cybersecurity job openings in the United States. If you’ve been applying for some of these jobs, then you already know that securing a new gig isn’t as easy as the numbers imply. While there is certainly a worrisome deficit of cyber employees, no […]

The Next Big Hack. Are You Next? As we roll into 2018, there are conversations happening in every boardroom about cyber risk. (And if not, call us, there should be conversations happening in every boardroom about cyber risk.) While no industry or organization is safe from a hacker’s keystroke or an information leak, let’s look […]

Ethical Hacking Boundaries: White Hat vs. Black Hat Ethical hacking is a hot topic in the cyber community and has created a viable and in-demand career path for tens of thousands of practitioners. If you’re already well-versed in the space, stay tuned for our future posts as we dive into the world of ethical hacking. […]

2018 Executive Cybersecurity Resolutions Last week, we detailed some of the biggest cybersecurity predictions for 2018 and many of those may have left you feeling a bit uneasy about the year to come. Fear not: There are clear ways that you can position yourself in the driver’s seat as you look to steer your organization […]

Catapulting Your Cyber Career In 2018 New Year, New Career There’s something about kicking off a new year that motivates you to finally start working on those goals you’ve been neglecting. For many infosec practitioners, those goals include finding and landing a new and better cybersecurity job. Career-wise, this may not be the first time […]

Top 10 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2018 Before you write this off as another doom and gloom report of the security lapses sure to occur in the new year, consider the following: it’s a given by now that each new year is guaranteed to bring the next most impactful hack. If nothing else, 2017 made cybersecurity […]

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