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Your Smartphone Is Your Single Point of Failure More than 77% of Americans own a smartphone, and we’re guessing that you’re one of them. Do you ever feel anxious or disoriented when you’re apart from your phone for more than an hour? You’re not alone. Collectively, we have become almost entirely dependent on our smartphones–often […]

Industry 4.0: A Manufacturing Update That Needs a Security Patch The manufacturing industry experienced 620 reported cyber attacks in the last year alone – and likely a plethora more that didn’t make it to official reporting. Attacks to manufacturing organizations range from stealing confidential data and intellectual property (IP) on new products and designs to conducting […]

December 18th, 2017: Happy CAT Day While World Cat Day isn’t celebrated until February 17th, we’re celebrating CAT Day today on December 18th, 2017. Today is the day that the CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional) exam converts to a Computer Adaptive Test.* To all of you InfoSec professionals out there, Happy CAT Day!

Five Cyber-Secure Gifts For Your Family and Friends ‘Tis the giving season, when your family members, friends, and loved ones are expecting you, someone who works in the cybersecurity industry, to gift them the coolest cyber gadgets. You probably have the edgiest occupation out of everyone on your gift list, so giving them presents like […]

From the Bottom Line to the Command Line: Encryption Everyone in an organization should be informed, but not always to the same degree. Just as dangerous as wrong information is the wrong amount of information. Too much information hides the important, decision-driving knowledge and too little information leaves the decision maker uninformed. Having the right […]

Student Spotlight: Keith Hartung, CISSP Glad to have you back to the CyberVista’s Student Spotlight Series. In this series, we talk to newly-minted CISSPs who used our Live Online comprehensive training to earn their certification. In this interview, we talked with Keith Hartung, IT Security Manager  at the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The following interview has […]

Top 5 Cyber Gifts for the Executive It’s that time of year when, naughty or nice, you need to buy gifts for all of those executives on your team or on your shopping list. Knowing that cyber risk is an enterprise risk and that cybersecurity starts with an organization’s leadership, here are our top 5 […]

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