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Security Auditor – The Inspector What does it mean to be a Security Auditor? In order to preserve the integrity of information security processes and procedures, organizations must employ several rounds of review and checks related to cybersecurity. Often these reviews come from an external or an internal security audit team. A Security Auditor plays […]

Cybersecurity Architect – The Mastermind What does it mean to be a Cybersecurity Architect? In cybersecurity, many roles are definitively specialized. Individuals often are labeled subject matter experts (SMEs) on certain aspects of platforms, threats, vulnerabilities, operations, or procedures. Yet, an organization cannot function effectively unless there is a way to tie all security efforts […]

Equifax – What Were They Thinking? Or rather, what do you hope the Equifax board was thinking in March, May, July, and September? We have the timeline of the perceived facts of the Equifax breach.  We know what the company announced publicly. But it makes us wonder what the Equifax Board was thinking?  What do […]

Malware Analyst – The Bomb Squad What Does It Mean To Be A Malware Analyst? Imagine the detonation of an explosive digital bomb, undoing thousands of hours of hard work and reducing your organization’s network to a pile of binary rubble. You or your team members didn’t even realize the weapon was within your organization’s […]

Vulnerability Management Analyst – The EMT What does it mean to be a Vulnerability Management Analyst? The cliche, “You are only as strong as your weakest link,” is particularly true for the field of vulnerability management. Vulnerabilities are the entryways by which threat actors enter and then wreak havoc within an organization.

How to Calculate ROI on Cybersecurity Investment By Tom Kellermann, CEO, Strategic Cyber Ventures As a Chief Information Security Officer, you have the unenviable responsibility of presenting cybersecurity investment plans for the future while facing scrutiny of such investments from some stakeholders and pressure to cover all of the “what if” scenarios from the rest. […]

The Farmer and the Equifax In the wake of the Equifax consumer data breach, many of the stories in the past days share well-articulated insights that are nonetheless written with that full 20/20 hindsight in play. There even is evidence that Equifax itself took this path two years ago in the wake of the Experian data breach. While well-intentioned, this […]

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