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Threat Hunter – The Tracker What does it mean to be a Threat Hunter? With newsworthy breaches occurring nearly on a weekly basis, organizations need to pursuing precautionary strategies to minimize the possibility of a breach. Threat hunters combine research and analytical tools to iteratively comb through networks and datasets to track current and potential […]

Penetration Tester – The Secret Agent What does it mean to be a Pentester? Do you ever wonder how threat actors are able to pull off a cybersecurity breach? If so, your curiosity is a good thing and there’s a high demand for cybersecurity professionals who think like you do.

Can Your Board Handle A Cyber Crisis? By Susan Shultz, CEO of The Board Institute, and Jeff Welgan, Head of Executive Training Programs, CyberVista. It finally happened. Your company was hacked. Your customer data is for sale on the dark web, and, also, it is now publicly available on the Internet. How much does your […]

Student Spotlight: John Mattern, CISSP Welcome back to CyberVista’s Student Spotlight Series. In this series we talk to newly-minted CISSPs who used the CyberVista system to earn their cert. This episode we talked with John Mattern, Infrastructure and Engineer Manager at Cigna Healthcare. The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

12 Steps Every CISO Should Take To Earn Buy-In So you’re a Chief Information Security Officer? Things are looking up. The CISO position is escalating in terms of pay, credibility, and relevance within organizations year over year. According to ISACA’s State of Cybersecurity Report 2017, 65% of organizations now employ a CISO – up from just […]

SOC Analyst – The Watchman What does it mean to be a SOC Analyst? The Security Operations Centers (SOC) is an organization’s cybersecurity panopticon. The SOC houses the surveillance team: highly-skilled analysts who monitor, detect, and remediate any security problems in an organization. You can’t see the SOC analysts, but they can see everything happening […]

Business Lessons of the HBO Hack What Happened Last week, HBO learned of the threat from beyond the Wall – or at least the firewall. On July 31, the entertainment giant confirmed that it had been the victim of a data breach; the same day, numerous reporters received an email, allegedly from the hackers themselves, […]

Threat Intelligence Analyst – The Detective What Does It Mean To Be A Threat Intel Analyst? Across the country, there is likely not a large number of kids who respond to the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” with the response, “Threat Intel Analyst.” However, if those kids knew more […]

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