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The Founding Generation on Cybersecurity Picking the Founders’ Brains The ghosts of the Founding Generation are especially active around Independence Day. And these spirits still have much to share, teach, and to pass on. The Founders had great foresight, so it’s a helpful exercise to look back at their thoughts and writings in order to […]

Scamming the Big Fish An old type of cyberattack has gained newfound, high profile attention this month. Two finance Chief Executive Officers fell victim to an email hoax. Cybersecurity researchers have a name for this subtype of cyberattack: “whaling.” It’s an email phishing attack specifically targeting a particularly big fish – the executive. And, unfortunately […]

Top 5 Pitfalls of CISSP Training Congratulations are in order. You have recently made two excellent decisions. The first is that you have decided to earn your CISSP certification. The CISSP is a great investment that can help you distinguish yourself to current and potential employers in the security field. Second, you have decided to […]

Student Spotlight: Benjamin Collar, CISSP Welcome back to CyberVista’s Student Spotlight Series. In this series we talk to newly-minted CISSPs who used the CyberVista system to earn their cert. This episode we talked with Benjamin Collar, Manager of Cybersecurity Research Group in Corporate Technology at Siemens. The following interview has been edited for clarity and brevity.

You Need a Data Privacy Officer. Look for These Four Skills Polish the Job Requirements Privacy is about keeping secrets, but it is sure getting a lot of attention recently. At the center of that attention is a new, emerging role: the Data Protection Officer (DPO). Most notably, the recent GDPR regulation, designed to strengthen […]

Welcome back to our series on the ties between corporate security and China’s Five Year Plan (FYP), a document that serves as the country’s national economic and policy roadmap. Because we understand the unique roles and responsibilities of executives and corporate leadership, we’re focused on cyber risk as an enterprise risk—and help explain it without […]

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